Thursday, March 10, 2011

Angry Mob Of Protesters Storm Wisconsin Capitol Building

These are the same people that did all that damage to the capitol building in Wisconsin. Maybe it's time to start treating these people like animals since that is the way they act? Rub their noses in it when they crap on the floor next to a toilet.

Just look at the sheeple hurding like a brainless hurd of sheep.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Demonstrators crowded the Capitol in a wild scene after senators passed a budget-repair bill in a hastily called meeting Wednesday night that outraged protesters and Democratic legislators. …
Protesters demanded to be let inside, and in one scene at the southeastern entrance of the Capitol, scores of protesters pressed against the door as two-dozen police pushed them back.
One protester got partly inside the door and was dragged in by the State Patrol.
Outside, protesters chanted “Let us in,” banged drums and blew horns in protest and threw snowballs at windows of the Capitol.
Inside, they yelled “You lied to Wisconsin,“ and ”Kill the Bill.”


  1. Were there any arrests at Lansing last week? I didn't hear of any.

  2. "Kill the Bill" that keeps coming up in posts here like that is a bad thing to yell. First i heard the Chicago tea party leader say it when describing the unruly crowd and its nasty language then here.

    but i know it a heard it somewhere else before. Chris, can you help me out? Where did i hear "Kill the bill" before?


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