Thursday, March 10, 2011

Barack Obama Appeals for Empathy at Tucson, Arizona, Gabby Giffords Shooting Memorial

Why have the left-wing become that which they say they hate? Obama was speaking to the left when he said to stop the violent rhetoric.
Is this the civility the president was calling for?
These people are out of control. I can't believe what these liberals and unions are willing to do regardless of the law. Thanks to the Democrats that fanned the flames of discontent. If there is anyone hurt or anything damage it on their hands.

The Democrats have proven themselves to be self serving rather then serving the people. We should be looking at the Day Of Rage in Saudi Arabia and gas going through the roof. But instead these Democrats want to have a day of rage here in this country.


  1. Chris, remember how frustrated you wre/are at the thought of government debt and increasing taxes? Now imagine that the government is saying give us 12 percent more of your salary as we take another 10 percent away, and you have little of no chance to ever get that money back.

    Not that i agree with the excessive nature they are showing and the way they go about somethings, but i understand what losing 20 percent of your wages would do to most people. For some it would be bankruptcy. They have bills and a lifestyle commiserate with their wages.

    Now i know a lot of private sector employees took pay cuts and that times are tought for everyone, but can you imagine hearing business is getting tax breaks decreasing revenue and your making up for lost revenue with your personal wage losses. You might be angry, you could be scared. those things lead to bad decisions. not that they are correct in getting aggressive or nasty.

  2. Joe I beleive Public Sector must be addressed the same way Private Sector is. You cannot in either arena Afford what you cannot Pay for. Private Sector goes Bankrupt and in some cases comes out BETTER than when it went in. Governmant Bankruptsy and recovering from it to me begs the question HOW?

    I have read and heard more than one Politican through my life time say OUR great Country would fail from the inside out and does appear that is now happening.

    Business Tax cuts I can see if they LEAD to more JOBS which I beleive is or should be their aim.

    Revenue is the KEY and To Me CITIZENS Working will produce that revenue rather than Taxing Businesses and them either Closing or moving off shore. Most of OUR problems were cause by LOUSY politcal Descions by all. Until WE reverse Politicans thinking Ideaology first and Country/Citizens second OUR nation more than likely will at some time FAIL and Then what?

  3. Al,
    Despite what you read by Chris and other there is plenty of discussion within economic circles about whether or not business tax cuts make that much difference in future revenue and how to apply them.

    What a majority do agree on is that they do reduce revenue in the immediate short-term.

    They may or may not have the effect on the economy but none of that is proven.

  4. Joe What is proven is that doing Nothing results in Nothing and to this Point Regime has been Consistant!


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