Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saudi Arabia's `Day of Rage' Lures Record Bets on $200 Oil:

                         Chart of Day

Options traders are betting more than ever that crude oil is heading to $200 a barrel as some websites call for a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia and anti- government protests spread in the Middle East and North Africa.
The CHART OF THE DAY shows open interest, or the number of outstanding contracts, for “call” options to buy New York crude for June delivery at $200 a barrel. The number has escalated, along with crude futures, to the highest since the options started trading in July 2009 amid worsening civil unrest in Libya and rare demonstrations in Saudi Arabia.
“If you look at the volatility and increase in money for call options in the last month or so, it does suggest that market participants are now more worried about the upside,” said Yingxi Yu, a Singapore-based commodity analyst with Barclays Plc. “People are also quite concerned about protests spreading across different parts of the region.”
Tomorrow is the scheduled Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia. Some protesters came out a day early and were dealt with by gun fire from the Saudi Arabian police. This protest will happen tomorrow. The question is, will those protesters overthrow the Saudi government?
If Saudi Arabia falls to the protesters it will put us into a depression. Our economy as well as everyone economy is governed by oil. Thanks to our President we still can't drill here. When you are paying $6 or $7 a gallon for gas make sure you thank our president and the Democratic Party. Thank them for not drilling in ANWAR,the Gulf of Mexico and off shore. Thank them for their foreign policies. And don't forget to thank them for the riots in this country.
It's time to prepare if you haven't already done so. If anyone wants to know what I'm doing to prepare just ask. I'll gladly tell you.
If anyone can tell me what the Democratic Party and Obama has made better please let me know. I'd love to hear how they have made our lives better.


  1. AFL-CIO Member10 March, 2011 18:24

    April 4th is the Day Of Rage in America. We will stike. One Nation

  2. I would hate to be in Saudi Arabia right now - they are completely surrounded, except for Iraq on the north border, by rioting and unrest. Obama's happy for our gas prices to shoot up - it's part of his play to force us to go 'green' - well, if he thinks high unemployment will hurt his re-election chances, just wait until he sees what $7/gal gas will do!

  3. Iraq is also suffering from unrest. I mean aside from the daily dose of suicide bombings, they have been quite the rallies over there, with protesters attacking government posts in both Arab and Kurdish sectors.

    Same with Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. There have also been calls for protests in Qatar, though no signs of them being fulfilled so far as all is calm. But it still adds to the tension.

  4. I blame Bush...lmao

    If hadn't actually done the right thing and started pressing countries in the middle east to open up and give people democracy or a start of it, then we'd have cheap oil and they'd be safely in check by dictators.

    Joking. I am scared of gas prices rising and stalling what little progress the economy has made, but its time those countries had a shot however long it is at something like "the Will of the people."

  5. I think you are spot on Firebird.

    Abdelwahab, it is scary what is happening in the Middle East and North Africa. Just think our soldiers are surrounded by this unrest.

    Joe, we should all thank Bush for getting WMD out of Libia. Who knows what Quadaffi would have done with them right now. Iraq seems to be the most stable country in the Middle East thanks to our soldiers and the freedom the Iraqis have already.

  6. As many of you know I used to live in Japan. I still have many friends in living in Japan. My heart and prayers go out to them and anyone effected by the 8.9 and tsunami. This can be an open thread today.

  7. Chris, is this what you call stable? I don't call bombings and shootings at protests as stable.

    1. Bombing Damages Iraq’s Largest Oil Refinery
    Feb 26 2011
    2. Suicide bombing in Iraq kills at least 6
    Ramadi 24 February 2011
    3. Up to 10 killed, 26 wounded in suicide bombing in western Iraq 03-03-2011
    4. Civilians dead in Iraq bus bombing 03-06-2011
    5. 12 killed, 18 wounded in Iraq's Samarra bombing 02-21-2011
    6. IRAQ: Nationwide protests against corruption and poverty ignite sporadic violence February 25, 2011

    so i guess nowhere is stable and peaceful in the middle east.

  8. i think we should thank the British and God for that.

  9. Joe That "will of the people" thingy could be used here too on issues.
    I do beleive Oil Prices will harm the economy and at this time the very worse senerio for it.

    Middle East will not be a peaceful area until according to most Middle East nations Isreal is destroyed. Some day maybe sooner than later that issue will be addressed and until it is Middle East peace is just a pipe dream. Until that conflict is fought and one or the other is totally destroyed unrest in the area will continue like it has for a few thousand years. Leaders in the Middle East unless total Dictaitors/Monarchy have a very short LIFE span and there is a reason for it. I beleive its Hatred of Jews. Anybody aligned with Isreal is the Enemy and that will not end until a final conflict with Isreal has occurred.
    Politicans from OUR Country through the years have not always made the best desicions regarding Middle East or OUR dependency on THEIR Oil and that will Hurt OUR economy until WE depend on Ourselves which now seems Passe! Just my opinion!

  10. Joe Iraq is the only country not having riots and protests. That is stable. The Iraqi government is still stable. Not perfect, Joe but yes stable for that area of the world. You go a little off the deep end Joe. Get a grip.

  11. Al, I get where your coming from brother, but like health care reform the people have a right to protest.

    And if in 2012 the anti-union bills spark a huge movement of people who vote against those that sided for it would you consider the protests against the "Will of the People" correct like you do the health care protests?

  12. Joe Peaceful protest is a Right period. But I think its a little premature to consider Protest of Anti-Union Bills a "will of the people" Thingy. Time will tell and 2012 aint that far off. Citizens now have choice of Politicans who acted on DEBT or went to different State to avoid their duties and in time that will be a Issue. Wisconsin Citizens will make their choice as will other States who cannot afford the DEBT Politicans/Public Unions have added to their budgets. I Beleive its that two sided sword and at this time could go either way.

    Public Unions will be restructured or eventually will be passe. Tax Payers mostly middle class cannot afford the TAB anymore.

  13. Well said AL. We conservatives haven't had one Tea Party rally arrest. Protests are fine. Violence and vandalism is not fine. I don't think you liberals can have a peaceful protest. If they do good for them.

    I know one thing for sure, I will point out every mistake they make since the MSM isn't doing it's job. And thanks to great readers and commenters this blog will keep doing it's job of open debate. The truth has no agenda.

  14. Chris you haven't had one arrest linked to the Tea Party protests? Not one? Not at all? Are you sure?


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