Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mob of Angry Protesters Corners Wisconsin GOP Senator

Is this really “what democracy looks like”?

Wisconsin state Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman found himself in a frightening situation at the Wisconsin State Capitol after being tailed and cornered by a large group of angry protesters who screamed and hurled curses at him as he tried to enter the building.  

(Warning: Video contains graphic language.  Viewer discretion is advised.)
Is this the violent rhetoric Obama said to stop? Where is Obama in all of this violence and inflammatory rhetoric coming from his ilk? And while Obama is at it he can tell those Dems to get back to work and stop hiding. There is law in this country. What if the Republicans had done the same thing with ObamaCare? How do you think that would have looked to the Americans expecting law and democracy in their own country?

We are a civil society so start acting like it. Stop acting like the Greece rioters and Al Qiada. And stop acting like you are the only ones making consesions. You are not a protected ilite group


  1. Monsters!
    But this is OK with the left, to portray themselves in a position of vulgarity, aggression, and oafishness.

    Apparently, similar to the swine, they know not better.

  2. Clearly there is a disconnect in America about how to treat people. I don't think that the way Union workers should treat anyone. Obviously they have lowered themselves to the standard of Anti-mosque potentially Tea Party supporters and that's wrong.

    I like when the victim asks, "what the fuck is wrong with you people.....I'm not even Muslim" and they still want to go after him.

  3. That was wrong what those protesters did at that mosque. I don't know if they were Tea Partiers though. That protest had everyone in it inclueding unions that refused to build the mosque. You sure do like to take liberties with saying it was the Tea Party Joe. That protest was not a Tea Party rally. Now I'm sure that there were Tea Partiers there since over 60% of NYers dissagreed with the building of that mosque. Nice try though.

  4. Chris, i said potentially did i not and I also agreed that the pro-union protesters were also wrong. But here's where i challenge how you've been claiming that this is left wing violence.

    In previous posts you and others have claimed that the Unions like the UAW have up to 40% of their members as conservatives, right? Now how can we with all certainty claim that all of the video's and accusation about Union violence be from the leftwing?

    Now we'd be making a big leap of faith to assume that all of the angry protesters are democrats. and statistically there would be no way to confirm that leap. So you could have violence could be from conservative union members?

  5. Public Union members should be easier to find. Conservative Public Union Teachers would be in Class and Liberal Teachers would be getting Sick Excuses from Liberal Doctors! Just my lowly uneducated Opinion!


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