Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rich Guy Michael Moore Says Wealthy American‘s Money is Not Theirs its ’Ours‘ ’A National Resource’ We Need To Take It From Them

You have to love these "special" liberals. I have a novel idea. How about we start his plan with him? I'm just kidding. That would be steeling and that is against the law and the Ten Comandments. How about he give it away? Someone needs to ask to see how much he gives to charity.

If liberals put as much time and effort into making wealth insead of taking wealth, we would already be out of this recession.


  1. I believe wealth like energy and happiness is finite. You can't create of destroy it.

    And we have watched some 30 plus years of wealth gathering amongst a small number of people and wealth redistribution towards the larger number. So it went from the larger to the smaller and now you support them not giving it back.

    Think about it. When you try to make more wealth ie money you only devalue the money you have.

  2. "When you try to make more wealth ie money you only devalue the money you have". Joe this one will have to go through my decoder ring.

  3. Joe, you have just said the keystone difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals think there is one pie to be split up among all people. Conservative believe you just keep making pies. The laws of themal dynamics is not a law of economics. Joe that belief of yours has been around since the beginning of Progressivism. The problem is you have no facts to back up that theory of yours. However just look at all the wealth that American injenuity has created for all those countries. Just look at how the standard of living has been raised in this country and the world thanks to creativity and injinuity since the 50's. China,Japan,Africa,Middle East,Germany...have all been effected by our injenuity. If it was a finite it would have been gone since then and we would all have less then we did, not more.
    Joe, your theories is just that a theory. Reality tells a different story. Try reality for a change you'll see that we aren't eating the pie but rather we are making more pies and we are sharing those pies with others around the world.
    We have given away more wealth over the last 60 years then we had back in the 50's. We can make the world a better place if everyone just made pies instead of fighting over the pie and demanding a bigger piece when you didn't even make the pie to begin with.

  4. Michael Moore must be a real POS if he thinks he is taking others piece of pie. But we all know what a POS he is because he used non-union labor for his movies so he could have more pie. What a pig. Why does the left love this guy when his actions go against everything her says he believes in?

  5. Another Black Conservative said it very well."The thing I absolutely cannot stand about the blistering hypocrisy of wealthy socialism peddlers like Michael Moore, is that they used the ladder of capitalism to climb to dazzling heights. Once there, they want to yank away that ladder from the rest of us and then hand us the rickety rope of socialism. There is only one word to describe this behavior and that is selfishness."

    We all know damn well that if these zany redistribution of wealth schemes were ever enacted the way Moore suggests, his selfish lard ass would be one of the first to hide and protect his own fortune.

    If Michael Moore wants to convince me or anyone else of this "finite money" theory and the need to share, then he needs to start writing some really big checks to the U.S. Treasury. If Moore isn't willing to do that, then he needs to find a quite corner somewhere and start eating a really big STFU salad!

  6. Al, well, then you need the 11th grade government class decoder ring then.

    Monetary policy is simple. Since we are not on a standard such as gold or otherwise, any increase in the printing of legal tender decreases the value of it against other forms of wealth in fairly known quantities. If you print more dollars and the UK doesn't your money value against theirs goes down. Thats where you get the strong dollar weak dollar comparison.

    Take China for example. It maintains a unaturally weak yen vs. the united states. Therefore its goods are cheaper and since it exports more than it imports it is an economic boon to them. When we have a weak dollar we suffer because we have such a large import-export trade imbalance as goods cost more. So you understand that America has a monetary system that is based on finite wealth.

  7. Chris,
    Much to your chagrin the economic world hasn't resolved this issue into theory and fact, as you would suggest. And i am not applying the Law of thermal dynamics or any other law of physics. Certainly a nice try, but your knowledge of economic is but an extension of your partisan beliefs, not an actual working knowledge.

  8. Joe I flunked 11th grade economics,had other thingys on my mind. Printing MORE money than Nation can back up I understand. I have been saying that for quite awhile regarding rising prices. Seems this regime either wants to print money we can't back or SPEND money we dont't have. Not sound Fiscal responsibility!

  9. well AL those are two different things but now you get the picture.

  10. Joe Well that certainly makes me feel better. Always knew spending what you dont have either Big Government or Family Budget would catch up to BOTH! It HAS!

  11. Take an example of Food and farming. Technology has made more food out of less land. Your theory would of had us starving by now. See Joe your theory only works when you take away the driving force of inovation, like in Socialism and Communism. In those cases there is only one pie and little hope for more pie because no one is willing to create it.

    Look at China. As China becomes more Capitalist they become richer. Oops.



    Popular and unpopular cuts
    The survey — which was conducted Feb. 24-28 of 1,000 adults (200 reached by cell phone), and which has an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points — also listed 26 different ways to reduce the federal budget deficit.

    The most popular: placing a surtax on federal income taxes for those who make more than $1 million per year (81 percent said that was acceptable), eliminating spending on earmarks (78 percent), eliminating funding for weapons systems the Defense Department says aren’t necessary (76 percent) and eliminating tax credits for the oil and gas industries (74 percent).

    The least popular: cutting funding for Medicaid, the federal government health-care program for the poor (32 percent said that was acceptable); cutting funding for Medicare, the federal government health-care program for seniors (23 percent); cutting funding for K-12 education (22 percent); and cutting funding for Social Security (22 percent).

    Those numbers, GOP pollster McInturff says, “serve as a huge flashing yellow sign to Republicans … if they are going to start to talk about changes to Medicare and Social Security.”

  13. Bruce Relax Sit down take a breath man! Its a Poll for goodness sake! The Huge Yellow Flag went Up in November it was called ELECTION and Citizens spoke! msnbc Poll Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  14. Again - Brucie cracks me up. Uses an MSNBC poll to support his lame commie beliefs!!!!!!!!!

    Next up for Bruce - drivel from moveon, huffpo, daily kos, to prove a point. HAAAAAAA

  15. Chris, my understanding of economic theory has nothing to do with farming. Its amazing you make it through life with such convoluted views of the things.

  16. Anonymous, you are a moron. It was an MSNBC link, but the poll was commissioned by NBC and the Murcoch owned Wall STreet Journal.

    Wrong again, Anonymous.


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