Friday, April 1, 2011

Once Again Islam Shows It's True Colors

 Granted the idiot burning the Qua ran is just that an idiot, who thinks Muslims had the right to kill people because the Qua ran was burned? This is the Muslim way. Is there anything we can say to a people that has a religion that demands it's followers kill 'infidels'? It's no wonder the Muslims are at war will everyone including their own. I think we know which side has all the hate.
Mustafa Najafizada/Associated Press
United Nations Workers Killed by Afghan Mob
By ROD NORDLAND, New York Times
KABUL, Afghanistan - Thousands of demonstrators angered over the burning of a Koran in Florida mobbed offices of the United Nations in northern Afghanistan on Friday, overrunning the compound and killing at least seven foreign staff workers, according to an Afghan officials.
There were conflicting reports of the total number of people killed and whether two of the victims had been beheaded. Five Afghans were also reported killed.
The incident began when thousands of protesters poured out of the Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif after Friday prayers and attacked the nearby headquarters of the United Nations, according to Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, spokesman for Gen. Daoud Daoud, the Afghan National Police commander for northern Afghanistan.


  1. While religion plays some part in the incident, they reality of the third world upbringing also plays a huge role. Its not fair to blame all Muslims for these incidents. I'm getting tired of the three interconnected religions all thinking they are better than each other.

    You guys want to have religious wars thats fine, but leave the rest of us out.

  2. Religion from the Extremist although a very small part of Muslem religion cannot be ignored. It must be remembered that just a few Muslem Extremist caused 911. Most of the Terrorist leaders come from for the most part wealthy familys.

    As far as third world hell Joe look at some other Protest lately and its hard to tell if they're in Greece,Spain,Italy,England,Egypt,Syria,Lybia or Madison, Wisconsin.

  3. Of course i would not ignore them by planning on burning their holy book. Sounds logical to me. Not!!

    There are a lot of acceptable ways not to ignore them. I don't think we have to accept violence, but neither should we ask for it. You know anything about bees Al? Some people where big ugly suits to tend to their hives and some use a smoker and no suit at all. But you just can't walk up kick the hive without it going nuts.

    In many of these countries Muslim families are poor, backwater people with little to no education who have had the land and the country overrun for years by external military and internal warlords. They get fooled into believing in something that makes them feel powerful, while the educated leaders use these people to advance their own visions. Its not much different from our own militia's and people like the Westboro idiots.

    The main difference is most of the first world has gone through the enlightenment and understands a little of the social contract nature of our countries. The Muslim world once had something like that before they regressed. Some of it i think was lost when the Christians in Spain and Europe battled with the Moors and other Islamic cultures that had advanced some notions of culture and civilization. Perhaps an unintended consequence of colonization, the inquisition and even the collapse of the Ottoman put Islam into a tailspin? Just a theory.

  4. Joe Whatever your religion I would think that Killing is pretty much WRONG in any Culture no matter ones Stature on the food chain.

    Middle East seems for whatever reason to have NOT progress into Society in any way and alot of that has to do with Tribal leaders or Dictators be them Kings or Prime Ministers.

    Alot of the Children are brought up on Hate and that is NOT a easy thing to change Peacefully. Factions of the Middle East have been at War with each other and others for Centuries and that is NOT going to change soon.

    Islam is not in a Tail spin the Extremeist use it to further their GOALS and the Islam leaders do not speak out against them for FEAR of reprisial which in most cases is DEATH.

    Middle East Nations will not like a horse be led to the water to drink but must learn for themselves but the HATE built up inside of them can only be released by Violence. Just my opinion!

  5. This guy is a Muslim who is NOT full of hate, but instead, intelligence (and he is a conservative)...

  6. Al, study history. The Islamic empire was once the most educated and enlightened one in and around Europe. Things we praise european masters who came along many years later were happening in the Islamic cities; Art, Mathematics, Poetry and other classical learning. Alot of that disappeared in Islam with the rise of the European nations against them in Spain.

  7. Joe I dont argue the Islamic empire was great. Alot of cultures that were state of the art 1000 years ago or more have disappeared from the planet but they left their mark. Islamic Extremist want the Planet to be Muslem and thats it. The Hate that these Extremist teach their young will NOT be tamed by talk. Look at the Terrorist that flew planes into the Towers or the Homicide bombers that have not a Problem with giving their lives to promote the Extremist agenda.
    We have a long way to go befoe Extremist are eliminated Maybe never. Bringing them to any peaceful conclusion through negotiations aint going to happen. Isreal will be their first target and then Europe and Our Nation.


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