Friday, April 1, 2011

Senator Obama Continues to Haunt President

Senator Barack Obama said, "no amount of American lives can resolve the political disagreement that lies at the heart of someone else's civil war."
At the time Obama was speaking about his opposition to the war in Iraq, "Most of you know that I opposed this war from the start. I thought it was a tragic mistake," Obama said to a crowd at the Springfield, Illinois town square on Feb. 10, 2007.

Either he sounded stupid then or he sounds stupid now,which is it?


  1. He was right then and now. Unfortunately you and the conservatives once again show your duplicity by having supported the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses and opposing a limited engagement of the No-fly zone. One clearly is the correct thing to do and the other was the wrong (IRAQ) for a multitude of reasons, but one that stands out. It created a power vacuum in Afghanistan that haunts us even now.

    Some okay with him being pragmatic and using our military in limited ways that can help in humanitarian issues.

  2. Joe Helping in humanitarian issues I have no problem with. The next step of arming the Resistance I have a problem with until we find out if the weapons we give them will come back at us. If as I have seen reported some of these rebels were indeed in Afganistan shooting at OUR military I would be very reluctant to say the least to arm them and at a later date to disarm them.

    Regarding those false pretense of OUR getting involved in Iraq did not Pelosi make those same charges a couple years ago? Why did not a Demoncratic Congress and White House hold Hearings if this was thought to be creditable? Seems your false pretense thingy is just smoke which on occassion you Exhale.

  3. Al, we are on the same side. I really don't want to see large scale arms shipments to Libya especially from the US. I'm okay to limited small munitions and armament along with a few armor pieces from the other countries like what Egypt is doing. Then having US special forces doing training and tactics.

    I doubt that giving them some older Katushya rocket launchers, machine guns and a some squad training will advance a terrorist cause to any extent. Anti-american Muslims have had the chance for years to go to Iran, Russia and Afghanistan before the invasion and learn what they needed to know. Hell, some probably trained for years in Libyan military so i think we are okay at that level.

    Any thought of supplying anything like heavy armor is out of the question in my mind. I'll criticize Obama for that just as vocally as you.


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