Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Garden?

I can tell you why I garden. I started out just wanting to have fresh organic fruits and vegetables at hand. I found that I could make my fruits and vegetables much better then the organic farmers. By growing heirlooms I found that I could grow things I couldn't find in the store. Many of our forefathers and our First Lady grow heirloom gardens. Most heirlooms were bred for flavor and colors.

It's a great way for me to cut my food budget. From Spring to Early Winter my family only needs to buy meats and treats. The garden feeds us everything else. As well as the fruit trees and berry bushes. The way I look at it I'm helping the environment by mulching leaves and grass clippings to feed my family well. That food can go to someone else and my food didn't take a truck to get it to me.

I'm starting to see other reasons for having a garden. Food prices are going up and fast. Walmart just said they have to raise prices on food and other goods. That means my garden is now more valuable to my family. But to most Americans without a garden this is going to hurt them more then they can handle. Instead of planting flowers this year can you plant a garden? Plant some colorful lettuce instead. Give the extra to the homeless or your neighbor. Take some bags of topsoil and plant potatos in them. There is a worldwide food shortage coming and we must all do what we can to help.

You will be a lot more thankful for your food this year if you take it from the garden. It's just a thought. Let me know what you think we can do to help? Just don't tell me you drive a Prius to help.


  1. I garden because, hey! Someone has to feed the wild rabbits! LOL!

  2. I myself must buy and Store. My green thumb just dont work!

  3. Eat the rabbits they are tastey and you don't need a green thumb to grow them.


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