Monday, March 15, 2010

3000% What A Great Deal or A Lie?

Obama said today that health care primiums will go down by as much as 3000%. 3000% what a great deal that is. We will actually make a boatload of money off of this Democratic scem. No wonder why no one is buying what he is selling. If health care became free it would only be 100% off. This 3000% is a great dfeal for the people that buy what this buffoon is saying. We all agreee we need health care reform. All this buffoon of a president is doing is talking about the things the Republicans and Democrats agree on. It's all the other progressive BS that we don't want. Obama is coming across as desperate in his trying to sell the same old dumb health care bill as he has for the past year. Why doesn't he sell us on the crap we don't want? He is like a car salesman telling us we need his car when all we really need is a good reliable care at a fair price. Obama just keeps telling us we need a car. No shit Obama we need a car. We don't want a Toyota that is killing people. We don't want a car that is made with slave labor either and the same is true of this health care bill. Obama is desperate and he is telling lies to push his product. And yet 69% of Americans don't want this bill. We all want a health care bill just not this one. How stupid are they that they just keep shoving this bill down our throats? We aren't the ones that don't understand. They don't understwand that this bill sucks and we don't want it. And now the Democrats feel compelled to shove this bill down our throats because if they don't they will be done and if they do they will be done. And sopmehow the Democrats will blame the Republicans for the way this bill was put together.

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