Monday, March 15, 2010

This Is What The Progressives Are


  1. Look at all these people who don't know that Congress authorized us to go to war, not Bush. Not to mention all the other countries that backed us up. LOL, stupid liberals, don't care to learn about the laws of the country that they hate. Just a bunch of angry truther nutjobs.

  2. Democratic House Members Waste Thousands Monthly Each on “Green” Vehicles

    In the latest example of porkbarrel spending in the 111th congress, Dem. House Members are spending over a thousand dollars a month, each, on fancy new "green" vehicles
    In a story sure to shake up the political scene in Washington on the eve of the all-important House Obamacare vote, Politico reports this morning on the lavish porkbarrel spending of federal taxpayer money engaged in by Congressional Democrats for monthly payments on fancy “green” vehicles:

    The economy is still limping along, but some members of Congress are nevertheless riding in style: At least 10 House members are spending more than $1,000 a month in taxpayer money to lease cars.

    Rep. Emanuel Cleaver appears to be the biggest spender.

    In the last quarter of 2009, the Missouri Democrat doled out $2,900 a month to lease a WiFi-equipped, handicap-accessible mobile office that runs on used cooking oil.

    “Rather than paying for an additional office, the congressman has a mobile office, with all the capabilities to do casework across the district,” Cleaver spokesman Danny Rotert wrote in an e-mail. “We can go where our constituents are and accommodate those in wheelchairs with the mobile office’s lift.”

    But at least nine other members are paying more than $1,000 a month for more basic rides.

    Some lawmakers blame their high lease costs on a policy, enacted in a 2007 energy bill, requiring that the vehicles they choose be fuel efficient. Others say their two-year terms in office prevent them from taking advantage of lower-cost, longer-term leases.

    A spokesman for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas), who is paying $1,628 to lease a GMC Yukon, cited those reasons — and others.

    In all, 10 House congresspeople spend more than a thousand dollars a month on their personal vehicles, with nine Democrats in that group and one Republican. Politico notes the reactions of several of the nine Democrats implicated in this wasteful use of taxpayer money, with one House Dem pointing to the fact that the vehicle was built by a union as justifying the use of federal taxpayer money:
    A spokeswoman for Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-Mich.), who spends $1,230 per month on a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe, said Kilpatrick does it for her district.

    “The vehicle is manufactured by a company headquartered in the 13th Congressional District and was made by the hardworking men and women of the United Auto Workers,” spokeswoman Tracy Walker wrote in an e-mail. “The vehicle also meets the tougher environmental standards mandated by Congress.”

    Pedro Pierluisi, the Democrat who represents Puerto Rico, spends $1,400 each month on his hybrid GMC Yukon, but a spokeswoman said that figure includes insurance, repair and maintenance costs.

    Rep. Harry Teague (D-N.M.) — one of the richest members of Congress, with a net worth of more than $36 million — spends $1,279 in taxpayer money on his vehicle, a 2009 Chevy Malibu that helps him traverse his expansive southern New Mexico district. His cost includes additional mileage to facilitate travel in the sixth-largest congressional district in the country, his office said.

    Such excuses from Democratic Congresspeople like Teague, “one of the richest members of Congress”, regarding the clear misuse of federal taxpayer money are unlikely to mollify the average American taxpayer’s outrage at this wasteful spending of federal taxpayer money. As Americans struggle to find work and make ends meet, having a Congressperson with a net worth of more than $36 million charge taxpayers not only for a fancy “green” car but also for “additional mileage to facilitate travel” may seem outrageous to a middle of the road, centrist American citizen but such practices will likely continue in the foreseeable future.

  3. John, still on the truther/liberal lie? did you get an email with that as the talking points or you just like being proven a hypocritical hack on your own.

    So far the biggest Truther out there is Alex Jones and he's a right leaning self proclaimed paleoconservative radio host who has a pretty rightwing following. He's by far the most outspoken of the Jones.

  4. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... whatever Joey! That dude that flew his plane into the IRS building was your truther Joey. Not to mention Comrade Bruce, who says we went into Iraq for the oil; remember this is the war that was approved by Congress, including a helluva lot of Hypocrats! Are you saying that Comrade Bruce is a conservative?!?! ROFLMAO ... boy, you can always tell when you hit Joey right to the quick, he comes out calling you a hypocrite! LMAO ... how am I a hypocrite Joey?! I think you need to look up the definition of the word. Or look in the mirror little fella!!

  5. Back to feeling insecure again? I was wondering how long it would take before you were back to your old ways, calling names and acting all insecure. Next you'll be saying nasty things about my family like you did before. Why are you so threatened by me that you take to calling me "little". You can only mean two things and i guess height might not be what your discussing. Please do stop feeling threatened and lighten up. Your losing it.

  6. WAAAAAHHHH, would have sufficed just fine Joey. You can save yourself some carpal tunnel and just type: WAAAAAAAAHHHHH


    Joey, you have little-man's syndrome. That's why I call you little. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Joey, just to verify, you support everything your little Koffee Klatch Klan does, right? Any outrageous behavior, you're going to be willing to own that, right? Poor little Joey! Hey, Joey, where on this particular thread did I call you a name, except right now when I call you a little whiny bitch? LOL

    Methinks little Joey is awwwwwfullly sensitive for such a little guy! wittle Joey need his nuck nuck? Need a little pacifier little Joey? Or do you just need your little diaper changed? Joey go poopy? LOL

    Oh, no, I see what it is. The ole Alinsky tactics again. When you have no argument just throw yourself a little pity party and run in your room and cry that life isn't fair! Joey, you are the most pathetic excuse for an "anarchist" I have ever seen! Boy, a little breakdown in society and you fill your diaper! LOL


    because Obama, Pelosi and Reid are threatening the security of our country, and our very own freedoms and liberties.

    They refuse to secure our borders, thereby making us, yes, less secure.

    They want to force us to purchase health insurance, they are threatening my freedom and liberties to do as I want with the money I earned. My freedoms are less secure as long as the Hypocrats are in power.

    So, yes, Joey, I do feel insecure. But it sure isn't any of the piddly-assed statism bullshit you spew that makes me feel less secure! LOL

    You, Joey, are merely an annoyance, a little gnat to be swatted away. You are nothing.

  8. Oh, little insecure Joey, what was it that you called Mark for no reason whatsoever ... was that you that called him an "attention whore", or something to that effect? Now, would that make YOU insecure little Joey, to call someone a name for no reason, out of the blue like that? In fact, I do believe Mr. Adams was simply replying to a comment Chris made about his blog, nobody was talking to little insecure Joey. So I guess you, being a little insecure guy, had to become the center of attention and start calling names? Why, Joey, you are turning such a deep color of hypocrite! Such a lovely color on you Joey! LOL

  9. Joey, don't forget to address this item that I wrote! Good news Joey, I called you a little bitch so you have something to whiiiiiiiine about! LOL

    It's going to be tough for you to explain calling someone a whore for no good reason though. Right out of the blue, like the little gutter-snipe that you are! ROFLMAO

    Just being wacky and getting your silly on again Joey? Funny how the regressives are always just being silly, it's always just a little lark when they are total assholes!

    Joey, Comrade Bruce may be a real commie dirt-bag, but at least he doesn't whine about being called one! LOL, how does that feel knowing that Comrade Bruce, even though he's an idiot, he's still more of a man than you are little Joey? Must be tough to not be able to say "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". How DO you finish that Joey, when you are teaching the kids? " ... but names will ALWAYS hurt me?" LOL


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