Monday, March 15, 2010

Democrats Will Do Whatever They Want With Their New Found Power

Dems Say 'Slaughter Rule' On The Table


Democratic leader Rep. Chris Van Hollen admitted today on FOX News Sunday that democrats will use the unconstitutional “Slaughter Rule” to ram their pro-abortion nationalized health care bill through Congress. Democrats announced this tactic last week. They will pass the bill without voting on it. They will take over one-sixth of the US economy without even voting on it.                                                                                                                                                             Instead of the Democrats putting together a health care bill that the Blue Dogs,Republican and Progressive Democrats could all sign onto. The Progressives in the Democratic Party are playing blame games with the Republicans and trying to buy off the Blue Dog Democrats. When the Blue Dogs and the Republican party agree that this health care bill is not good for them or the American people as a whole you know the Progressives have a bad bill. The Democrats have been blaming Republics for not passing this bill when they didn't even need one Republican vote to pass the bill. You Progressives can blame the Republicans all you want. All you are doing is impowering the minority party. Dumb you. This is all about the Conservative groups getting off their behinds and contacting their Reps. It was we the people that changed the path of this bad health care bill from going through. But the Progressives in the Democrat party are willing to destroy the Blue Dogs and the Democrat party in order to get a far left Progressive bill pushed through.  If this bill goes through and it turns out to be as bad as the Blue Dog Democrats ay it is then the Republics will have a free ride to the White House and both Houses of Congress. To me that is just cutting off your nose to spit your face. This bill doesn't serve we the people. If it truely was a great bill it would have been signed and put into law by now.  This bill like all the bills this Congress and President have put before us only serves those that served the Progressives. This bill only displaces the incomes of those that didn't vote for the Democratic Party. If it doesn't serve the Blue Dogs or the Republican constituents,then who does it serve? Why doesn't this bill fix the high costs of health care? The Progressives want a public option. Why? We already have the non-profit Blue Cross. How can you get better then $0 profit when it comes to the compatition part of the bill? The liberal talking pointsw only add up for those that will get without having to give. The problem is most of us will loose to make the government bigger and the health care system even less healthy. But the Democrats don't care about we the masses. They are buying votes with this bill just like they did with the Stimulus bill.


  1. Unstoppable Force v. Immovable Object

    Baby Boomers are passing their peak earning years, and are moving from contributors to recipients in our Social Security and Medicare programs.

    Unfortuantely, as with every other Ponzi scheme, problems occur when recipients outnumber contributors.

    As recently as 2009, the Trustees' Report expected the Social Security Trust Fund (called OASI in the report) to run an annual surplus where payroll tax receipts exceeded benefits paid until 2017. Thanks to high unemployment, we now expect to run a full year deficit this year.

    In fact, Social Security has been cash flow negative on a monthly basis since early last year.

    The situation for Medicare, especially the Hospital Insurance trust fund, is even worse. It went cash flow negative in 2008, and is expected to be depleted entirely by 2017.

    Karl Denninger has an excellent summary of the forces driving us into insolvency.

    At every level of government, we have been making promises that we are in no position to keep. As Mike Shedlock notes, we have public unions receiving taxpayer-guaranteed defined benefit plans and salaries that are well beyond those offered by the private sector. This public pension system is estimated to be $2-3 trillion underfunded, and will drive cities into bankruptcy and states into default unless massive changes are made.

    Retiree expectations and our ability to fund them are truly an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Without an honest discussion of our demographic Ponzi scheme, we are setting the stage for a multi-year train wreck as articulated by Alan Greenspan in 2005.

    When Greenspan was asked by the Senate Banking Committee how we were going to meet our Social Security obligations, his response was honest but unsettling:

    "We can guarantee cash, but we cannot guarantee purchasing power."

  2. We only have 13yrs. before SSI is gone. Thank a Progressive for that.


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