Thursday, March 4, 2010

All You Need to Know About the Health Care Debate


  1. Americans are just too dumb to know what is good for them. I'm happy as hell we'll get free health care and you'll be paying for it. Obama is hooking us up and it is pissing you off. We won and you lost bitch. And if you don't like our new and improved America then go to Africa.

  2. Jay-Ney Sounds Like Your Ready For SOME Kind of Health Care!

    It AINT Over Till the FAT Lady Sings For Health Care!

    November FAT LADY Will be Singin!

  3. I have got to admit Jay-Ney you are more open about your socialist ideals then most liberal loons are. Maybe you can convince the rest of your socialist brethren to be more open about their deep down passion for social control mindset so even the average American Joe will get the picture and reject that ideology more and more.

  4. Jay Ney, are you American? Then you are dumb as hell too, right? You also must be on welfare, since you think you will be getting something without having to pay for it and are rejoicing. Obama is hooking you up all right. And your kids and your grandkids too, who will really be on the hook...for all the debt.


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