Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Is Obama Jamming Through Health Care?

Here is why.


  1. Romneycare model a dud
    By Michael Graham
    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    So this is what it looks like when a mild-mannered, liberal community activist goes “nuclear.”

    President Barack Obama didn’t use the “n” word - or even the “r” word, “reconciliation.” But he made it clear he’s ready to go to Democrat DefCon4, give the partisan launch codes and inflict Obamacare on the American people at any political cost.

    In defending his decision to go nuclear, Obama talked about insurance company “abuses.” He talked about premium hikes in California. He talked about a sick mom in Wisconsin. He even talked (in extremely modest ways) about Republican ideas like tort reform and fighting Medicare fraud.

    What Obama didn’t mention was Massachusetts.

    In fact, despite having given (based on my calculations) some 57,432 speeches, press conferences, pep talks, pillow talks and interpretive dances on health care in the past 12 months, Obama somehow manages to leave us out of nearly every conversation.

    This is telling, because we’re the one state already glowing in the radioactive haze of Romneycare, aka “ObamaCare: The Beta Version.”

    Shouldn’t Obama have been bragging yesterday about bringing the benefits of Bay State reform to all of America?

    Read more about why Obummer doesn't mention Taxxachusetts' ObamaCare here:

  2. That's just dumb John. Just looking at his fat white face is sickening.

  3. You should get a look at a picture of Bruce the slack-jowled commie Jay-Ney. Truly vomit-inducing.

  4. Insurance Companys Made OUT to Be Bad Guys! Shocking!

    Just out Of Curiosity Who Sets Prices of Drug Cost! Who Determines Prices of Band Aides or Asprins When in Hospital! Insurance Companys React to PRICE! Why Was Not This Investigated, Seems Bulk of Cost is In Hospitals! Bad Guys To Administration are ,Auto Companys, Banks and Insurance Companies YET Two of These Were Bailed out Cause They Were To Big To FAIL!

    John You as Usaual Are Right On! Also Did Not Hawaii Have State Health Care for Kids BUT After Few Months it Went BROKE! Never Hear About these Little Items For Some Reason, WONDER Why?

  5. What is to help Americans, Alex. I'll take my winnings now...


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