Friday, October 30, 2009

Liar!!! Abortion Is In The 1,990 pg Healthcare Bill

A national pro-life group is warning members of Congress that a vote in favor of the 1,990-page House healthcare bill is a vote to establish a federal government program that would directly fund abortion-on-demand with taxpayer dollars.

Abortion funding in healthcare imagePage 110 of H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, authorizes a new government health insurance program to pay for all elective abortions.  Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, explains.

"This is a federal agency, a federal program, [and] of course it's going to spend federal funds -- that's the only kind of funds it's got," he notes. "So all of these assurances that some prominent Democrats, including President Obama, have given that there won't be federal funding for abortions, that's not what's in the bill."

Johnson warns that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) wants to ram the bill through without representatives having a chance to vote on a single amendment.  However, in order to use that "closed rule" procedure, a majority of House members have to agree to the move.  The pro-life spokesman is urging members to vote "no" on a closed rule.

Douglas Johnson (NRLC)"We want to vote on an amendment that would take abortion out of this bill, which is the [Bart] Stupak amendment," Johnson clarifies, referring to the Michigan Democrat.  "We believe if we could get a vote in the full House on that amendment, it would pass."

Congressman Stupak has vowed that if he does not get a vote on his amendment barring federal funding of abortion, he and 40 pro-life Democrats will block a full House vote on the healthcare bill.

Why do Democratic leaders continue to insist abortion funding
isn't in their healthcare reform bills?

The Left Wing Thinks AIDS/HIV Is Racist

President Obama just said that nearly half of all new HIV cases are of African-Americans. It is obvious to many on the left that this is a racist disease. I hope they find a cure for liberalism soon. It is a killer.

Obama + Google= Net Neutrality Scheme XOXOXO

 Google – and its puppets like Free Press – are promoting this idea that it’s a struggle between big telecommunications firms, and the little guys. Except the little guys are actually bigger Internet firms. The corporations pressing for Net Neutrality are Fortune 500 and even Dow Jones Industrial Average firms, with billions in cash ready to be spent on Net Neutrality, trying to defeat Proposition 8, or even promoting Barack Obama.
That last one makes the FCC’s rush to regulate look bad, given all the placements of Google people within the Obama administration as well as the nearly one million dollars that Google employees gave to the Obama-Biden campaign. How do we know that the secretive Obama White House isn’t directing the FCC to pay off Google?
After all, we know he’s giving donors special treatment. In fact, it has come out that FCC Chairman Genachowski himself was a major fundraiser for Obama, pulling in over a half million for the campaign. Why shouldn’t we believe that this is all a big circle of back scratching in the Obama adminstration, when he refuses to release the kinds of information we need to determine otherwise?
The President has played political games with information all along. He dangles his birth certificate on a string in order to distract the right. He’s keeping as little of the Obamacare agenda in writing as possible, because he knows if we read it and expose his plans, we can win the fight, so we end up with ridiculous spectacles like a Senate committee voting on a bill that hasn’t been written yet. And now he’s playing footsie with donors in secret.
We must encourage and join Senator McCain and Representative Blackburn in their fresh legislative efforts to stop the Google/Obama Net Neutrality scheme. We cannot allow this kind of quid pro quo to go unchallenged.