Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin Speech At The National TEA Party Convention

 The way the left are going after Sarah Palin makes me like her even more. I don't know if she will run for President or not. I don't care either. That isn't her role right now. She is helping grow the conservative movement. The left seem to be upset of the fact that the conservatives are becoming more organized then they ever have been. They charge a lot of money for this event because they can. Money is power and the conservatives are using money just like the liberal left have done. It's still grass roots but more organized. This Tea Party conservative movement has not only intrenched themselves within the Libertarian and Republican party to bring them in line with the majority of Americans that are conservative. But we conservatives are taking the Blue Dog Democrats back from the progressives extreemists. The left are froathing at the mouth with this movement. They are trying to define who and what the Tea Party conservatives are. But it is not for them to define us. We define us and we are doing a great job of doing that. We now have a deaf ear to the progressives now. They are nothing more then a ringiong in the backround. They have become nothing more then a speck on the ass of the conservative movement. And that is why they are lashing out and defining them unfaverably. We are starting to see the mental illness called liberal progressive. While they have been spending their time blaming eveyone but those in power. We have been moving forward with plans on how to fix the messes the progressives in both parties have made. Have fun watching the left go CRAZY over a strong conservative women with an accent strenghten theRepublican base within the TEA Party movement. I know I'm enjoying it. tp10