Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chris Christie Delivers Awesome Takedown of Obama

What a great speech Christie did last night. It is obvious that Americans want him to run for president in 2012 by the crowds reaction when a women begged him to run. I have to say I'd like to see him run as well. But if he doesn't have the "calling" to run then he is doing the right thing. One thing is for sure we will be seeing a lot more of him over the years. He has a way of communicating that most Americans like. he says what he means and means what he says. We have been lacking that over the past few years.

He did one of the most awesome take downs of Obama I have ever seen. He gave a common sense approach to the failure that is Obama and liberalism. He took apart every failed policy of Obama's. Christie proved that he can work with a divided government in a bipartisan way. That is what a leader does. They bring politicians and the people together to solve problems. They explain to the people the problems in an honest way that people need to hear so that the problem can be fixed. Obama can't do anything without a super majority in both houses of congress. Well he does do a lot of placing blame on everything but himself. Is that leadership?

Obama has all but given up governing and started the earliest campaign for a sitting president. In other words he is all talk and no action. You can tell that the Obama admin. is in a full blown panic. Economist are saying that we will be in this kind of recessive employment for at least another 3 years. That is gloom for most Americans trying to make a living. A double dip recession is at a 50/50 shot right now. That will turn things from bad to worse in a heart beat. All recessions end sooner or later. Since it is turning out to be much later there is no one to blame but Obama. Democrats will make every excuse in the book. We have heard enough excuses to last a lifetime. Excuses don't pay our bills.

When it comes down to it everything Obama and the Democrats have done has made thing worse, not better. Doing more of the same would just be crazy. It's time we try the opposite approach and see how that works. World history has always proven liberalism to be ineffective and the conservative approach has worked and will work again. Spending yourself out of every recession only makes things worse latter on. We need to fix what is broken with an approach that has worked in the past. College theories from people that have never created a job have been proven wrong again.