Friday, March 19, 2010

Call these Reps. now and let them know how you feel about this health care bill

US RepresentativeDistrict OfficeCapitol Hill Office
Adler, John(732) 608-7235(202) 225-4765
Altmire, Jason (724) 378-0928(202) 225-2565
Baird, Brian (360) 352-9768(202) 225-3536
Berry, Marion(870) 972-4600(202) 225-4076
Boucher, Rick(540) 628-1145(202) 225-3861
Carney, Christopher(570) 585-9988(202) 225-3731
Chandler, Ben(859) 219-1366(202) 225-4706
Dahlkemper, Kathy(814) 456-2038(202) 225-5406
Driehaus, Steve(513) 684-2723(202) 225-2216
Ellsworth, Brad(812) 465-6484(202) 225-4636
Foster, Bill(630) 406-1114(202) 225-2976
Giffords, Gabrielle(520) 881-3588(202) 225-2542
Gordon, Bart(615) 896-1986(202) 225-4231
Hill, Baron(812) 336-3000(202) 225-5315
Kilroy, Mary Jo(614) 294-2196(202) 225-2015
Murphy, Patrick(215) 826-1963(202) 225-4276
Nye, Glenn(757) 789-5092(202) 225-4215
Perriello, Tom(434) 293-9631(202) 225-4711
Pomeroy, Earl(701) 235-9760(202) 225-2611
Salazar, John(719) 543-8200(202) 225-4761
Schauer, Mark(517) 780-9075(202) 225-6276
Space, Zack(740) 779-1636(202) 225-6265
Teague, Harry(575) 622-4178(202) 225-2365
Wilson, Charlie(740) 533-9423(202) 225-5705
Call these Reps. and tell then not to vote yes on this health are bill. We must stop this bill from going through. The Blue Dogs are with use. We need to remind them we are with them on this vote. This is your time in history to say you did something to stop it.

Wake Up America

Glenn Beck weekdays at 5p & 2a ET on Fox News Channel

Throughout the course of American history there have been, periodically, events so dramatic, so huge that they were completely life altering; they changed the way people went about their day:
When the Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor
When the Framers signed the Constitution
The Civil War
Pearl Harbor
September 11, 2001
All of these events didn't just happen to the immediate people involved. They grabbed each and every citizen at his core and forced people to reevaluate who they were and what they believed, before moving forward again.
Pearl Harbor was a hugely important day, but that wasn't the end of the story. America had a choice to make. And as everyone knows, the decisions that followed over the next few years after that deadly December 7 attack radically changed America's course.
That is what's coming.
If you think I'm talking about the health care bill, you couldn't be more wrong. The health care bill is merely a battle (and a huge battle; it may be Normandy) but it's part of a bigger war. And the war is the fundamental transformation or restoration of this country. That's the end game.
While everyone will focus on the political games surrounding the health care bill — the "Slaughter rule"; the secrecy; the arm twisting; the bribes; the lies — and they should address those things, there is something much bigger — much bigger than Obama or Bush or Clinton. We've been off track for decades and it's finally catching up with us.
How have we allowed our system to make this type of bill a possibility? Americans need to ask that question and find the answers, because even if this health care bill is stopped there will eventually be another massive corrupt bill and another and another
We have to fix the entire system. It's broken.
I read a report today that the Greece bailout deal is falling apart. Their markets tanked on the news. I read another report that said if Spain goes into default, the whole world goes into default. There was a report that barely got any news: Moody's saying that America may lose its Triple-A rating. But there was a small line at the end of the article that got even less attention — I even missed this one the first time through. This is incredible. Have you heard anyone out there focusing on this? Moody's said for America to stay a Triple-A rated country, it would require "fiscal adjustments of a magnitude that, in some cases, will test social cohesion."
Let me translate: "fiscal adjustments" — you are going to less, not more; "social cohesion" — Greece! They believe society may experience some sort of breakdown. But the fiscal adjustments must be made.
During TARP discussions, Congressman Brad Sherman said members were told if they didn't pass TARP, there would be martial law. Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski was told that without the Fed intervention of an electronic bank run, world economic collapse would have happened within 24 hours. I'd like to know: What are they being told about health care today?
Whether health care is stopped or not, world finance as we know it is going to reset. And the president knows it.
This bill is the centerpiece of progressive structure. Remember, this isn't just health care. It's a grab of all education dollars as well. This is a long-term strategy: Someone has to be standing when that evil capitalism finally fails us.
This is exactly what happened in the Soviet Union. The leaders there saw the writing on the wall. If you want the full story, read Stephen F. Cohen's "Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives." If you don't have time, google this: the Belavezha Accords.
They knew tough times and collapse were ahead, so they prepared for it by creating a structure. But in the Soviet Union, the opposite happened: They took a step toward freedom. While we are heading the other way: Dependency on big government. Because, as I mentioned, they will tell you that the free market failed us: People don't have jobs. They will say: Come, we'll make it all better.
This is a turning point for America. We are standing at a crossroads. We have to decide who we want to be when we come out on the other side.
I'm going to tell you a story. You tell me if it's unreasonable to draw these conclusions:
The 121 Walgreen stores in Washington state won't take any new Medicaid patients, saying that filling their prescriptions is a "money-losing proposition." If they say that, what does the government do to Walgreens? If other chains do the same thing, then the government has a choice: Do they let them continue to turn away Medicaid patients or do they force them, through regulation, to accept Medicaid patients?
Well, we already know the answer to that one because we've seen it: They'll force them. And since it's a losing money proposition, the government will soon be faced with another choice: Do we let them fail or do we bail them out and nationalize the industry?
Well, we already know the answer to that one because we've already seen it: They will nationalize it. It's a cascade effect and it will happen in every industry that's deemed "too big to fail."
Take a look at the tree of liberty. Here is the side that everyone is paying attention to now:
Special interests
But the other side is what we need to focus more on; these are the things that got us here:
All of those things lead to the breakdown of personal integrity, which leads to the breakdown of the family. And it allows corruption into our lives. It's what gives us Bernie Madoff.
Again, it's important to focus on the political side of the tree; it's important. Bret Baier did an amazing job doing just that last night, as he grilled the president and held his feet to the fire. But we'll be endlessly fighting the health care battle and the cap-and-trade battle and the green jobs battle and the tax battle until we fix the system.
How do you do it? Listen to this quote on George Washington from William H. Wilbur, author of "The Making of George Washington":
"Greatness of moral character, forthright honesty, quiet modesty, thoughtful consideration for others, thoroughness, kindness, and generosity. During the American Revolution, and for more than 50 years thereafter, young Americans were inspired to attain these qualities by the vivid recollections of men who had served with George Washington."
Each and every day you must remind yourself of three words: faith, hope and charity. They are seeds on the liberty tree. And these three things have been perverted over several decades.
We must plant them again.

Jon Voight's Call to Arms: Come to D.C. Saturday to Oppose Obamacare


I am calling to all of you freedom-loving Americans to come once again to Washington D.C. to gather on the Capitol steps on Saturday, at 12 o’clock noon.
We must come by the thousands.
Speaker Pelosi will stop at nothing to fulfill her corrupt conquests. She will bring all of the corrupt ACORN liars to try to bully all the Democrats that may be having pangs of guilt knowing quite surely what their votes can and will do. If they’re bullied into saying “yes,” it will destroy America.

Washington Times:Impeach Obama

The Democrats are assaulting the very pillars of our democracy. As the debate on Obamacare reaches the long, painful end, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is confronting a political nightmare. She may not have the 216 votes necessary to pass the Senate's health care bill in the House.
Hence, Mrs. Pelosi and her congressional Democratic allies are seriously considering using a procedural ruse to circumvent the traditional constitutional process. Led by Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, New York Democrat and chairman of the House Rules Committee, the new plan - called the "Slaughter Solution" - is not to pass the Senate version on an up-or-down vote. Rather, it is to have the House "deem" that the legislation was passed and then have members vote directly on a series of "sidecar" amendments to fix the things it does not like.
This would enable House Democrats to avoid going on the record voting for provisions in the Senate bill - the "Cornhusker Kickback," the "Louisiana Purchase," the tax on high-cost so-called "Cadillac" insurance plans - that are reviled by the public or labor-union bosses. If the reconciliation fixes pass, the House can send the Senate bill to President Obama for his signature without ever having had a formal up-or-down vote on the underlying legislation.
Many Democrats could claim they opposed the Senate bill while allowing it to pass. This would be an unprecedented violation of our democratic norms and procedures, established since the inception of the republic. Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution stipulates that for any bill to become a law, it must pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate. That is, not be "deemed" to have passed, but actually be voted on with the support of the required majority. The bill must contain the exact same language in both chambers - and in the version signed by the president - to be a legitimate law. This is why the House and Senate have a conference committee to iron out differences of competing versions. This is Civics 101.
The Slaughter Solution is a dagger aimed at the heart of our system of checks and balances. It would enable the Democrats to establish an ominous precedent: The lawmaking process can be rigged to ensure the passage of any legislation without democratic accountability or even a congressional majority. It is the road to a soft tyranny. James Madison must be turning in his grave.

The True Cost Of Obamacare Is Over $2 Trillion

The Weekly Standard took a look at what the real cost of obamacare is. After they stripped away all the Voodoo math that was given to the CBO they found out that things aren't what the Democrats are telling us. Big suprise politicians that don't give the whole truth.
From The Weekly Standard: […] For a variety of reasons, this tally doesn’t remotely reflect the bill’s real ten-year costs.  First, it includes 2010 as the initial year.  As most people are well aware, 2010 has now been underway for some time.  Therefore, the CBO would normally count 2011 as the first year of its analysis, just as it counted 2010 as the first year when analyzing the initial House health bill in the middle of 2009.  But under strict instructions from Democratic leaders, and over strong objections from Republicans, the CBO dutifully scored 2010 as the first year of the latest version of Obamacare.  If the clock were started in 2011, the first full year that the bill could possibly be in effect, the CBO says that the bill’s ten-year costs would be $1.2 trillion.
But even that wouldn’t come close to reflecting the bill’s true costs.  The CBO projects that over the next four years, less than two percent of the bill’s alleged “ten year” costs would hit:  just $17 billion of the $940 billion in costs that the Democrats are claiming.  In fact, the costs through President Obama’s entire presidency, should he be reelected, would be $336 billion.  What would the president leave behind for his successor?  According to the CBO, he would leave behind costs of $837 billion during his successor’s first term alone.  If his successor were to serve a second term, he or she would inherit a cool $2.0 trillion in Obamacare costs — about six times its costs during Obama’s own tenure.  This legislation is a ticking time-bomb.[…]
We are seeing the fruition of Chicago style politics and we will be the ones that get cought holding the obamacare bag when this thing goes south. This weekend you need to find a rally against this health care bill and let the government know what we expect of them as our servants. If this bill passes then good luck when you get ill. You'll need it. Read the whole Weekly Standard article it will amaze you what the Democrats are trying to push through.

The Money The Democrats Are Playing With Is Our Money Not Theirs

 Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has issued a stern warning to the would be theives. The Democrats are treating our money as theirs to do with it as they want without recorse. It's about time the Republicans stood up for we the people. America is watching the Democrats and we don't like what we have been seeing. Democrats are not above the law and it is high time the Republicans started playing hardball with the loose Democratic Party.

When Is It OK To Take Anothers Property?

We are at a cultural crossroads in America. The culture in Washington is one that goes against my Christian beliefs. But it also goes against Jewish and Islamic beliefs as well. But since I'm a Christian I will give that perspective. Charity is mentioned in the Holy Bible many times. Charity is the FREE WILL giving of your own property and giving it to another less fortunate person. "Social justice" and "Spread the wealth" are not free will giving. This is what God says about taking another persons property.
Seventh Commandment

Thou shalt not steal.
What does this mean? We should fear and love God that we may not take our neighbor’s money or goods, nor get them by false ware or dealing, but help him to improve and protect his property and business.

Seventh Commandment
Thou shalt not steal.
What does this mean? We should fear and love God that we may not take our neighbor’s money or goods, nor get them by false ware or dealing, but help him to improve and protect his property and business.
Now for decades I've been hearing about abortion right and that no one has the right to tell a women what to do with her body or with what is in her body. The left have been sqaying that as long as the baby is inside the mother then she can do with that baby what she wants to. She can smoke,drink,do drugs. She can even kill the baby inside her in the most torturous ways imaginable because it is in her body.  Where are they now that the government wants to take over her bodily rights? Any rights given to you by God are yours to do what you will with them. But now that the government sees fit to make your health care a right then they can give it and take it away. The left have now changed their beliefs on our bodies and our property. Will you let them do this to you? The government doesn't have anything that hasn't been taken form someone else. The government doesn't give you health care. It takes it and gives it out as it sees fit.
Fifth Commandment
Thou shalt not kill.
What does this mean? We should fear and love God that we may not hurt nor harm our neighbor in his body, but help and befriend him in every bodily need.
Thou shalt not kill.
What does this mean? We should fear and love God that we may not hurt nor harm our neighbor in his body, but help and befriend him in every bodily need.
The "change" that I see Obama doing to our country is it is OK to take from the rich and give to the poor. Even though by definition alone it is considered stealing the federal government is above those laws of God and man. And the left want the right to take my money and give it to a woman to pay to kill her child. Where are my religious rights? Why do I have to pay to do something that is against my beliefs.                                                                                                                                                    We are "one nation under God" and "in God we trust". The left have made it their mission in life to remove God from our country.  Our founding fathers put God in His rightful place in our nation. He is the cornerstone of our nation through the Bill of Rights and the USA Constitution. Seperation of Church and State is meant to keep the government out of the Church but they surely didn't want to remove the Church/God from influence in State affairs.                                                                                                                                                   How does taking God out of the State effect our nation? Well we have our God given right. If they succeed in taking God out of our country then there is no "God given rights". Well then without having any God given rights then where would we get our rights from? That would be were the Progressives come in to "fundamentaly change" our nation. Progressives want power,even Gods power. Everything the Progressives do is to take from the people and redistribute what they get as they see fit. Conservatives do not want power. They want power to be given back to the people. That is why conservatives keep going back to the Constitution. The Constitution is the enemy of the Progressive agenda,as well as God. We conservatives need to start waking America up to the true agenda of the Progressive agenda. They aren't trying anything new. If you want to know how the Progressives agenda works then look at most of the past and other nations. Most countries have tried Progressivism in one form of another and it has never ever worked. What form of governemnt has worked and worked better then any other form of government in the history of mankind? It's not a Democracy,socialism,marxism,communism,facism. The only form of government that has proven itself to be the most superiour form of government known to any nation is a Democratic Republic that is under God. We are the only nation that has ever been as great as America. And just because John Lennon sang a song that Imagined a Progressive world without war,religion and hate doesn't mean it can be obtained by anyone other then God. This is an imperfect world and country but it's the best we have until God calles us home. God Bless America. And if you think He hasn't blessed us as a nation then find me a more blessed nation then America.