Monday, August 9, 2010

Democratic Party Up For Another Union Bailout

We are all suffering right now in this economy. The stimulus bill, $400 billion still left to spend,did next to nothing for we the people. It didn't help infrastructure or jobs but it did help out the states and the public unions that support the Democratic Party. But I'm having a hard time with Congress being called back in session so that we the people can bail out the public union again so that real cuts in state and federal budgets don't have to be made. I'm getting sick of the first cuts being made to teachers,fire and police when there is so much waste in our government still. And then when we get sick of bailing out the public unions with private money then they say we don't care. Why is it that these public unions and the Democratic party don't want to spread the wealth like they preach to us? God knows we need to make cuts. The private sector has had all the cuts and pain while the public sector has grown on our dime. It's time to cut all the stupid unneeded programmes first. We also must look at cutting public unions pensions and other costs that have gotten way out of hand over the last couple decades. We,the private sector, need to stop paying for this out of control governments lavish spending and union benefits. Public union doesn't mean they are above us and thus make more then us. We are not their servants. And if the public unions want to keep their jobs they better start using their influence on the Democratic Party to start making hard cuts in state and federal budgets first. If the public unions don't use the power they pay for,in the Democratic party, then we the people need to do to the public unions what they are doing to us. We need to break them. We can no longer bleed and work for the public unions want. It's high time we take back our money so we can spend it. And if the public unions don't make real and tangible cuts to pensions and pay then it's time we do what Greece has done. I'm sorry but we need to start taking care of the sector that is paying all the bills in this country. Thanks to the Democratic Party the private sector has taken a massive beating from their policies. So instead of finding ways to get $26 billion out of the hemorrhaging private sector,Congress needs to get out of the way of the private sector so we can pay for the public unions interests. We are not against the unions like the unions are against we the private sector that paid for their lifestyles. But at this point most tax paying Americans could care less what the public unions want. It just greed on the part of the unions and control on the part of the Democratic Party. If the unions want to make money,in a spread the wealth kind of way, then they should push for the private sector to make more money. If the private sector does well then there is a spreading of the wealth and we can afford to grow the public sector. But we all know this isn't about spreading the wealth. If this was about spreading the wealth they would have been doing it free will along time ago. This is about greed. The public unions are giving up power to the Democratic Party so that the Democratic Party gives them more of our wealth. Just look at the facts of where our money has gone and where it is going. This is the unholiest alliance in our government and we need to stop it now.