Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Is the President Doing to Help the Economy Besides Going to Fundraisers?

TAPPER: Well, what is the president doing? We know that he went to a -- -- he went to fundraisers last night. What's he doing today?

CARNEY: Jake, that is --

TAPPER: What is he doing --

CARNEY: The president -- as the president has worked --

TAPPER: We hear him hectoring Congress about all the stuff that needs to be done to help create jobs --

CARNEY: That's right. And Congress --

TAPPER: -- and then he flew off to Chicago. What is he doing today?

CARNEY: The president is having meetings with his senior staff. The president has called on Congress to move quickly on things that have bipartisan support and are in Congress's lap, the trade --

TAPPER: The same stuff he was doing a couple months ago, calling on Congress to pass things.

CARNEY: Congress has the power to pass legislation that the president can sign. The actions that it can take could create more jobs right now, if it passed the patent reform, if it passed the free trade agreements. And as you know, there are other issues that the president encourages and will push hard for the Congress to take up when it returns from its recess, including extension of the payroll tax cut, which would put -- which has this year put an additional $1,000 in the pockets of every American, or typical American family. And he believes we need to do that again next year, because that assists those families in having them -- you know, giving them the ability to make ends meet, and puts money back into the economy, which in turn sustains businesses and creates jobs.  And he will continue to come up with and propose measures that we in Washington together can take to spur further economic growth and job creation.

TAPPER: Has he called Mitch McConnell? Has he called John Boehner? Has -- is he working on things that they can do? If every --

CARNEY: Jake, I don't -- I know you weren't here yesterday, but I know you were here for most of the days before that, when this president and those leaders and others worked seven days a week to avert a major economic crisis in this country that would have made –-

TAPPER: You’re the one always saying the president can walk and chew gum at the same time. I'm asking you --

CARNEY: Well, what are -- are you asking me what -- he is -- he is focused --

TAPPER: Other than calling on Congress to pass things you've been calling on Congress to pass for months, what is he doing to help the economy?

CARNEY: He is working very closely with his senior economic advisers to come up with new proposals to help advance growth and job creation. He is working with members of Congress to help advance growth and job creation. And he will continue to do that. There are things that Congress can do now to create jobs, and they should. There are things that Congress will be able to do when they return from recess to help create jobs and spur growth, and they should. And he looks forward to working with Congress to do that.

You've got to love it when the MSM wakes up to reality. Maybe someone will finally ask Obama what he meant by Change? At this point it has all been Change for the worse.
Carney had no answers.  Tapper was right when he said that it was the same thing he, obamaReppublicans, the Tea Party , thae lasck of bipartisonship, big buisness, oil, gas,  lack of a friendly eco system, the sun, the moon, and prbably even Fox and all right wing commentators.  Yes we have a President that is doing something but sure isn';t doing something that helps the country.
A little wallstreet birthday gift for you Mr. President. Hurry up and blow out your candles. There are still a few more sectors of the american country to destroy.
Obama and the Democratic Parties idea for jobs creation is to raise taxes on businesses. Let me ask you something. When we raised taxes on tabbaco products sales went down by 12%, right? If we raised taxes on imports it slows import growth. How could anyone in their right mind think that raising taxes would do anything other then slow jobs growth in this country?

No Excuses Obama’s Jobs Jibberish Isn’t Working


Talk is cheap...time to DO SOMETHING!

Obama doesn't give a-damn about anybodies job except those of the unions.

The government does not and can not create jobs...only the private sector can create jobsThe main stream media is doing everything they can to prop Obama and the Democratic Party up. It's like watching a comedy show watching them spin everything the President and Democrats do. The liberal economic theories aren't working. It's time we start looking at the facts of what the liberal agenda has done to our economy and the world economy. It's not just the Tea Partiers that are saying the Obama policies are dragging us down. World leaders are saying the same thing. We all know what Obama is doing to Boeing and now to the electric companies. This will not create jobs. If companies want to do business in this country who in their right mind would make it more difficult? Who in their right mind would make energy costs go up by closing coal mines? Does that help the manufacturing we have left? Is making energy and labor more expensive in this country going to keep jobs here? The policies aren't working. They have never worked anywhere but in the minds of liberal professors and liberal ideologues. More of the same will do nothing but break our economy faster. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg on what the Obama liberal policies have done to this country. Our Campaigner and Chef has been community organizing our country to look like the inner city of Detroit. But he has no problem partying it up and collecting $35,800 checks from the "rich fat cats".