Friday, November 13, 2009

Fair And Balanced Just The Facts

Fox News Channel,as a percentage of viewers, include more selfdescribed liberals and idependents then than CNN and MSNBC includes self-descibed conservatives and independents. Pew Research Center recently studied the cable channels' viewers' politics. CNN was 51% liberal,23% independent and 18% conservative. MSNBC was 45% liberal,27% independent and 18% conservative. Fox's audience was the most ballanced with 39% conservative,33% liberal and 22% independent. Pew found out that during the last 6 weeks or the campaign, 61% off CNN's stories on McCain were negative,compaired with only 39% on Obama. On MSNBC 73% of McCain stories were negative while only 14% of Obamas stories were negative. This is the kicker, 40% of Fox News stories were negative on both McCain and Obama. Fair and Balanced. Maybe that is why Barack Hussein Obama will sit down and talk to radical dictators and not Fox News. Now we know why a terrorist isn't a terrorist and the "jobs saved" thing never gets questioned. If G.W.Bushhad supported an $800 billion stimulus package the mainstream media would have,rightfully so, asked "Why,that comes to us paying $250,000 per job". But when Fox News asked those questions it's just "Faux Noise" stiring up lies on the President. Those on the left hate the truth because they can't handle the truth. And the truth is Obama/Biden was the biggest mistake the liberals/Democrats have ever made. Who out there doesn't think Biden is one of the biggest buffoons we have ever had as a VP?