Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Is Going After Children And Shooting At The White House

After reading what these liberals are doing you will see why they support Islamic terrorism. They are cut from the same cloth of radicalism and terror. In the middle of thousands of protesters yelling and chanting — some kicking and screaming – CBS 2’s Emily Smith found little school kids trying to get to class. Nervous parents led them through the barriers on Wall Street. The NYPD helped funnel the children, anything to ease their fears while some protesters chanted “follow those kids!”

“These guys are terrorists, yelling at little kids,” one father said.

(AP/U.S. Park Police)
Idaho Man Charged With Attempted Assassination

An Idaho man accused of firing two shots at the White House last week has been charged with attempting to assassinate President Barack Obama or his staff.

Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, made his first court appearance before a federal magistrate in Pittsburgh on Thursday, one day after he was arrested at a western Pennsylvania hotel. He will be taken back from a federal court in Pittsburgh to face the charges in Washington, D.C.

Ortega will remain in federal custody at least until a magistrate in Washington can determine if he should remain jailed until his trial on the charge, which carries up to life in prison.

It looks like this man is connected to the "Occupy" radical Democrats group.

While watching the main stream media on these riots and protest you'd think it was "mostly peaceful". The Tea Party was made out to be a dangerous mob and these radical Democrats are "mostly peaceful"? It's no wonder people are running away from the MSM in droves. I just can't believe how sinful this group is. It's turned into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

Assassination and child abuse are the two worst things any group can do. The rapes, drugs, filth and just plan sick behavior. They are the worse of our nation and they are pissed. They will go after the police, our POTUS, children, the workers, innocent citizens trying to do their jobs and live. These people are trying to get their point across by pissing off everyone. That is real smart. Occupy the streets and subways and people will just love you. LOL. Cost millions of dollars in damage to the local economies and piss off the job creating small businesses. Real Smart! Scaring children should win over the rest of America. I'm sure everyone in America can't wait to hear and see what Occupy does next. And while those idiots are gathering just remember, we surround them.