Friday, October 14, 2011

Ford UAW 2011 Contract Is Great For The UAW, Not So Much For The Union Members

There is a very good chance that the Ford UAW 2011 contract might not pass. The reason is the contract works out very well for the UAW and not so well for the Ford workers. Every Ford UAW member I've spoken to feels that the UAW is screwing them for their own agenda. Even if this contract passes there will be a lot of distrusting members wondering who the UAW is being paid to represent. Will all the contracts further the UAW more then the members?

If the union members go on strike they will only get $200 a week from the billionaire UAW. That isn't even enough to feed a family. How is it the UAW has billions of dollars and only pay $200 to picket? Maybe the members need to picket in front of the union halls? But those members would be abused if they did that. They would bully there own if that ever happened. But there are a lot of pissed off members. And they aren't pissed off at Ford. They are pissed off at the UAW.

Members are starting to question the UAW about their VEBA and how much is in it and why they now have to fund it? They just don't trust the union. And history has given them reason to.

The UAW put themselves before it's members and this has changed the perspective of most of it's members. The members realize that they have gotten screwed by the UAW. Even if they vote yes because they don't want to strike it wont change the fact that the UAW screwed over it's members to put their own agenda above that of their members. Either way the UAW has lost. A relationship built on distrust is easily broken. The UAW has weakened itself by putting itself first.kingford.jpgThis is the face of the UAW leadership. I can't help but laugh at the dumb look on his face.

’Opie’ Was Confronted With Alinsky-Like Tactics At Occupy Wall Street

(Content warning – strong language)
At the very end of the clip you may have noticed two women reacting to being recorded. Opie said that he stopped recording at that moment, but the confrontation continued and, in fact, escalated.

Here is how that clash was described on the Opie and Anthony radio show the next morning: (Again – strong content warning – this is uncensored audio from satellite radio)
As you can hear, Opie was confronted and surrounded by more than two dozen of the protesters, chanting “Pervert, pervert, pervert!“ This is classic ”Alinsky” – In fact, it is right out of  Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” – he taught his followers to:
Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.
If you see what the main stream media is doing it will make sense. Notice how they never ever show video of these people talking. They tell us what is happening but they never really show what is really happening at these protests. That is why no one trusts the media any more. They tell us what to think or what they think rather then show us the truth. Just like they did with the Tea Party. They told everyone about how violent they are and how they spit on the Black Caucus but there isn't any video proving what they say. The same thing here. They never show video of what is really happening at these rallies.

The longer these protest get the more people will realize what these people want. Free stuff and class warfare. They want the end of capitalism. When will someone ask them what they would replace capitalism with? I, like most Americans, want to hear what these protesters have to say. Let us make up our own minds after we listen to what they have to say.

The problem is these protesters say they want to be heard and then they run off everyone that is trying to video tape them and ask them some questions about their talking points. The Tea Party needs to get out in full force and video tape these protesters and ask them some questions on their talking points. That is the only way we will find out what these protesters are really doing and what they want.  We have a right to know everything these protesters want. The only way we will know everything is to ask them the questions the media wont ask.

It's also a good idea to look at how these people are acting so we get a clearer picture and some context to their anger. The Tea Party understands that people are upset with the way things are going. We are upset as well. All we want to know is why aren't they willing to look at all the facts to why things are the way they are. Talking points are fine for a start but maybe these protesters need to use their God given minds to think past the Soros, socialist rants and posters. No one is saying that capitalism is perfect, but nothing in this broken world is. But what are these protesters ideas on what to put in place of capitalism? If they have a better way to do something lets hear it. All I've seen is anger and running away when these protesters are asked to think about what they are saying.

The Tea Party seen the problem and came up with a solution that the voters stood behind and voted on. Other then anarchy and chaos what solutions have these Democratic Party protesters come up with? Let's debate the solution rather then the problem. No harm ever came out of debating an issue. But we all know this wont happen with these protesters. They don't want to debate anything. They just want to force their ways on the rest of Americans with their bully tactics. The problem for them is Americans don't want what they are selling and they know it. That is why they run away when pressed for deeper answers to what their talking points are. Like roaches they run away when a light is shown on them.

These socialist driven protests are destined to fail. They know this as well. Just because we are a free nation doesn't mean everything is free. Someone has to pay for what they want. These protesters will give up all our freedoms so they don't have to pay for education,food,health care or whatever.

If you are up for it let's debate the issues of the OWS protests. The Tea Party never had a problem with debating our issues and solutions to these problems. Let's hear it. Now is your chance to sell on your solutions to the common problem. We Tea Partiers aren't afraid to debate because we have faith in what we are saying.
Can you see why no one in the MSM is showing us what is really going on at these protests? Let's also look at who is supporting these protests. The Ayatollah Supports Occupy Wall Street. I wonder why our enemies support these protesters?