Monday, June 6, 2011

Democrats Anti-Government Tactics Backfire

by Brett Healy , Big Government
Just to make sure everyone understands: It is apparently perfectly fine for Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin to disrupt legislative proceedings by wearing orange t shirts, yelling ‘Shame! Shame!,' threatening that colleagues are ‘f#&%^!@ dead,' and running away to Illinois for three weeks to attempt to grind progress on a bill to a halt.

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Do you remember when the Tea Party did this? It never happened, No Tea Partier has been arrested. These same people that are getting arrested in mass, most likely complained when the Tea Partiers demanded to be heard. But the big difference is we had more respect. These liberals are just a bunch of lawless animals. I'm sure as the heat of Summer goes up so will the lawless actions of the left. It's one thing to be heard and another to be so crazy that you get arrested. I wouldn't put anything past the morally corrupt left-wing of this country.

Obama Is The Most Anti-Business President Ever

Obama has gone after the private sector businesses like no other president before him. It's no wonder this economy has been stalled even though he printed and pumped trillions of dollars into the economy. Follow the money. Who got the money and who is going to pay that debt if the Democrats have their way? If you are a Democrat or liberal I'd like to know what Obama has done to fix the economy? I'd also like to know why businesses aren't hiring? Is it because of Obamacare, debt, wars, high taxes...?

This is an open thread. Debate what you want. Ask questions or whatever. But since I have asked the questions above for many months now without an answer from the left, I wont hold my breath this time either.