Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tea Party Ad Delivers Knockout to Obama

 "Barack Obama's Legacy of Failure,"
We have seen what the Democratic Party has done to this country since they took over both houses of congress in 2008. But the real downward spiral has come since Obama took office. If you can't see that the Democratic policies are failures it's because you are blind,deaf or dumb. If you thought things were worse before Obama and the Democrats took over then now, you can't be helped. Excuses and blaming Bush wont work any more.

If we want to see government shrink and our deficit shrink so we can afford it, then we conservatives and moderates need to take the Senate and the White House over the next two years. As long as the liberal Democrats hold on to the Senate or the White House we will have to concede that our debt will keep growing and inflation will keep rising.

We gave the Democrats more then enough power and time. It's time to get these liberals out of office where they can't do us any more damage to our country and economy. We need to give our time, talents and treasures to stop the liberals from holding on to their power over us. It's time to stop these Democrats and ads like this help.