Monday, December 6, 2010

CAMP OBAMA: Dean Lays Out the Creepy Saul Alinsky Ties That Got Obama Elected

These liberals are some creepy people.

Rush Limbaugh Responds To Loon Al Grayson

On Friday, Rush Limbaugh also responded to Grayson’s attack on him during the same speech:

Van Jones Predicts ‘Potential Nightmare Scenario’ of Social Unrest

Is Van Jones Predicting a Civil War?

I hope that these liberal leaders don't spark the flames of violence. We have been seeing numerous riots and violent acts coming from the liberals. If we keep having this violent unrest coming from the liberals it will weaken our social fabric once again. No one gains when there is violence within our country. If you hear of any violence or potential violence call the police or Homeland Security.

Watch Sen. John Kyl Repeatedly ‘Correct’ Bob Schieffer on Tax ‘Cuts’

Kyl’s correcting was so incessant and emphatic that during one sentence where Schieffer began saying “cuts” he interrupted himself and let Kyl finish the sentence:

This could signal a new tactic by Republicans in the weeks to come. By erasing the word “cuts” from the debate, the GOP may be able to also erase the demonization Democrats are building against wage earners above $250,000 — a group Republicans say includes many average small business owners. If the Republican Party doesn't put an end to the Democratic Party lie of "cuts" the Democrats will use that lingo agains the Republicans come 2012 when the economy still sucks on ice.