Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Hope President Obama And His Minion Keep Pushing To The Far-Left

I would love to see Obama and his Progressive Democrat minion pushed by the left wing radicals. I think the left wing Soros zombies need to write and have more "rallies" like the communist One Nation Working Together. And if you Progressives want to show us how great "spread the wealth" is then start a commune. Everyone in that commune can put their earnings in a common pot and "spread the wealth". Show us how successful your commune is first. Where are the liberal environmentalist Amish in this country? Why did all those communes and the hippies that lived in them go away if "spread the wealth" was such a success? It didn't work for them so they are pushing it in a tyrannical manner as a mandate to all of us free Americans. I think the public unions need to push what is left of the Democratic Party to stay with their agenda. Maybe the Progressives and the public unions can have a "rally" and they could call it We Want Free Shit Rally. Hey they want free shit and the Democratic Party is willing to take your money to give it to them. Let them remind the voters what they are all about. That or they can do nothing and wither on the vine. Either way the Progressives/Democratic Party lose. America is watching the leftover Democratic Party. Will they move to the back seat and lose what they have gained for their constituents? Is it worth it to gamble the Democratic Party for a Progressive agenda? Should the Democratic Party purge the Progressives out of their party? Should the Democratic Party be more conservative flushing the turd of an ideology out of their ranks? And if the Democratic Party stays far left will the Libertarian Party be there to pick up the political pieces? All I know is I'm telling every liberal I know to keep in touch with Obama and the Democratic Party making sure they stay to the far left.

The Democratic Party Is Screwed Now

The Tea Party has joined the Republican Party in the 2010 political upheaval of the Progressive machine,aka the Democratic Party. Most of the Progressive Democrats left in office wont like what we are about to do to their party. The Democratic Party has had it's hands in the redistricting of America over the last few decades. It gave them an edge. But they will lose that edge thanks to the American voter and the Tea Party conservatives. It's the Republicans turn to manipulate the districts in their favor for a change. It will be the kiss of death for most of the Democratic Party leaders left in office this round. 2012 wont be as easy for them. I'm sure Peters,Sander Levin and Dingle all from Michigan wont find their districts laid out perfect for them. Ya got to love it when a plan comes together. And you Democrats need to stop being such hypocritical babies. All I hear from the Democrats is, "The Republicans want the president and the Democratic Party to fail." Have they forgotten how they wanted Bush and the Republican Party as well as our soldiers at war to fail? Did you really think that you would get the same treatment as you gave out? Didn't you think that you wouldn't reap what you sowed? Well as Rev.J.Wright has said,"your chickens are coming home to rooste".