Monday, September 5, 2011

‘Let’s Take These Sons Of Bitches Out’: Teamsters Leader Hoffa Calls for War on Tea Party

Here’s Fox News on the speech by Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa:
The rhetoric coming from speakers at the event was already heated before Hoffa took the stage. Hoffa then declared there’s a “war on workers” and vowed that organized labor would “remember in November” which lawmakers were opposing the president’s agenda.
“We’ve got to keep an eye on the battle that we face — a war on workers. And you see it everywhere. It is the Tea Party,” he said. “And there’s only one way to beat and win that war — the one thing about working people is, we like a good fight.”
Hoffa called on workers to get involved in opposing Tea Party-aligned lawmakers next November.
“President Obama, this is your army, we are ready to march,” Hoffa said. “But everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back, and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these sons of bitches out.”
This sounds like violent rhetoric to me. I will expect violence after this union/Obama rally of violent hate rhetoric. These people want us to be more like Greece and Europe riots and all. All that talk about "workers" you would think that the unions are the only workers in this country. The Tea Partiers are workers too. I've never seen so many narcasitic people in one place. I'm sure it will cost Detroit a fortune to clean up the mess these warmongers make. You do remember what they left every city they rallied in look like. Who in their right mind would let such people run this country when they treat the places they meet at like a third world garbage dump. Does anyone think they wouldn't do the same to our government if they had any control over it?

We the tax payers have done more then enough bailing out of unions. We don't have any money or credit to "build" anything. We don't have any more money to bail out the unions.

The unions are making a stance. They have declared war against those that don't stand with them and their demands. We all know what "war" means and what they mean by it. As they say "all is fair in love and war". Unions have a long history of violence and we should expect nothing less from them.

If you stand with the unions on the war with the Tea Party I'd like to know what you think? Is violence and vandalism to be expected from the unions? Did you go to the war rally in Detroit? What did you think of the Obama speech and the other speakers?

From the Tea Party patriots, what do you expect the unions to do in this war on the Tea Party? Are you afraid of the unions? Will this make you not go to rallies or will it do just the opposite? What are your planes to protect yourself from these warmongers? Do you think the Tea Party should stand against this call to war against them?


CNN's John King failed to ask Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa about about his threatening "son of bitches" remark at a Labor Day rally attended by President Obama. The interview lasted just over six minutes and covered various topics from Obama's upcoming jobs speech to Mitt Romney. Yet, there was no time to ask Mr. Hoffa about this comment:

"President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong," Hoffa added.