Monday, December 7, 2009

The Science Is In.Oops It's Out Again.

Video: Climate-Gate Prof Calls Skeptic A-Hole Why Is This Prof So Pissed? Is It Because His Science Is A Fake? At least the rest of the world is talking about the biggest scientific event since Lucy was found out to be a fake. I expect this to hurt the Democrats and liberals a lot. The rest of the world are blaming the US for all of this BS. If this turns out to be a big scam on the world then we are in big trouble. Most conservatives aren't suprised by this news of the Democratic Scam Climategate. They said we were going to have an ice age,drought,floods you name it they have clamed it. This "man made global warming" scam stuck and some people bought into it like a bunch of dumb lemmings. To the lemming on the left it is like there is no God. The left worship Mother Nature at the same time telling us liberalism isn't a religion. I have no problem with your choice of a god. I just find it funny that you deny that it hasn't taken the role of a religion.

Obamacare Will Cost We The People

Blue Cross Group Blasts Health Reform Legislation

Premiums will rise up to 50 percent for individual policies and 19 percent for small group plans if healthcare reform passes, a new report released by a major health industry trade group claims.

Sponsored by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) and conducted by Oliver Wyman Inc., the report faults reform legislation for lacking a strong individual mandate. Requiring healthy Americans to purchase reform would help offset costs for the millions of people with health problems who would purchase insurance policies under the new system, the study finds.