Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UAW Workers Keep Getting Stoned At Work. That Is The Union Way

For anyone that has worked for the UAW this should come as no surprise. When I worked for the UAW, more then half the line would go out and get high or drinking booze during their lunch. I remember one time a UAW Hi-Lo driver did some major damage to the machines on the line and almost hit a few line workers. They gave him a breathalyzer and he was both drunk and high. Thanks to the UAW he got a paid vacation and was back on the Hi-Lo drinking and driving two weeks later. It is the UAW way.

I think the next UAW contract should have a drug test and firing for any drug or alcohol abuses. The drug test alone would clear our 1/4 of the workers. But we all know the UAW would never let the Big Three drug test their members because they know the truth about them. Just see what they do outside the UAW halls if you want an awakening.

The thing is most of the workers are clean and hate the fact that such a large portion of the UAW population have drug and alcohol abuses while at work. It was also common knowledge that the Hi-Lo drivers are almost always the highons or drunks.

The income that these union members make would make anyone happy. If the UAW wants to have a decent name for itself they better start getting rid of the dead wood within it's membership. If the Big Three want anyone to buy their cars they need to start coming down harder on these union idiots that put us all at risk with their products. Let alone putting their own members at risk when they get screwed up at work.

The American people are watching the unions and we are not liking what we see. It's now wonder why union members have become one of the most hated professions. If the Big Three doesn't get control of it's workforce we will be bailing them out for a third and for Chrysler a fourth time. I don't know about you but I'm getting sick and tired have bailing these companies out when they keep harboring this kind of culture.

What are your thoughts on this constant problem with the UAW?

Open Thread On The Debt Crisis and Big Government

We all know that it is the private sector that grows our economy. Thanks to Obama we all know that big government retards economic growth and grows debt and the burdon on the private sector. There is no reason why the public sector should be making so much more then the private sector employees.

The problem is these public sector employees are part of a union that will sooner destroy the private sector then to have their pay and benefits brought back into line with reality.

This is what the private sector thinks about Washington:
This not the first time that Mr. Wynn has spoken so bluntly about the administration and his feelings about policies that are holding back the recovery.  In April, Wynn was on Fox News with Neil Cavuto and talked about “the gross irresponsibility of the government”: