Thursday, May 20, 2010

EPA And Church's Merge In Faith Based Initiative

Where is the ACLU this time? Where are all the liberals crying separation of Church and state? It is as if the ACLU is a sham organization. That or this time it is the government going into the Church. The ACLU and the liberals don't want separation of Church and state. The want religion gone period. When you look at our money and most of our founding documents there is God in almost everything. They didn't define who God is as that is our right. We decide if we are Lutheran,Baptise,Muslim or Pagan. But Gods is a big part of our country and is not separated from our country. But the government has no right to go into Church and govern over them. As the liberals try and remove God and religious influence from the US they are replacing it with government. They are the ones that take our money and then give it to who they seem fit. The Federal government was not set up to be a charity. They were set up to protect us from outside invaders. But now they take our money and they chose who to give it too. The Fed better start doing their job so we can do ours. They need to protect us form foreign invaders and not take over the job of religion and FREE WILL giving. When the government takes our money to give it to who or what they deem "needy" it take away our right to give freely to who and what WE deem "needy". We have as a nation always been gracious with our gifts. And it has been proven the conservativeves are not the problem when it come to giving of their own free will. It is the liberals that have the problem with free will giving. Just look at how little Joe Bidden and Barack Obama gave over the last decade. It's enough to make you sick. Even the Clinton's don't help out their own blood relatives when they are in need. Do we really want to have those that find it difficult to give in charge of our giving? Do we want them to engineer a giving program that mandate Americans to work  and make money so the government can take it? Isn't that nothing more then theft and slavery? The government doesn't have the right to take our money and redistribute it. Social justice is just another way of saying prejudges we have just changed who we can enslave and treat poorly because they have made it politically correct to go after a class of people instead of a color. Shame on them and shame on our country. We are not that kind of country and we have come too far from the days of enslaving a man to do your bidding to just change who we have enslaved.

What Do You Think About The President Of The U.S.A. Choice Of Action With The Arizona Law?

It is obvious The President doesn't think too highly of Arizona right now. Even though Arizona is trying to protect themselves from foreign invaders. Obama and his admin keep talking about our great nation as if we are the anti-christ. He degrades a state to make a political point. He puts down our country every chance he gets. Everyone in his admin seem to think the same way as he and his wife do. He treats our enemies better then he treats our own country and states. I think they have forgotten who is running this country and who holds the power. If you think that this country is as bad and mean as the Obama admin and most leaders within the Democratic Party then vote for them again. But if you think that this country is great even with her flaws then it is you obligation to get them voted out. We have state right and Obama doesn't have a right to bully us in front of other nations. We must give of out time,talents and treasures to defeat those in office now. The best way to stop Obama from doing any more harm to our country is to clip his wings by giving him a new and more conservative Congress to deal with. And in 2012 we vote the anti-American,pro-Marxist leader out of office.