Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sharpton: Blacks Unemployed Because of ‘Institutional Racism’

You got to love the way they never get off message on the left. According to the idiots like Rev. Sharpton Republicans are racist. It's true. These left wing simpletons blame everything on Republicans and the racism within the corporate world. I know I'd hire someone with that ideology. LOL

‘Sanity’ Rally Overflows With Beck Hate, Liberal Smugness & Good-Natured Absurdity


'Sanity' Rally Attracts Racists and Insane Liberals

SecularStupidest has sent along a couple of videos from the “Restoring Sanity” rally on Saturday.  It is never fair to define any crowd by the fringe elements.  The left does that to the right all the time.  So this is helpful to show that you can find unstable examples in any large crowd.

The second video gives us a look at some of Astroturf in action at the rally. Republicorp is turning up everywhere these days. At least they weren’t choking anyone this time.
The more I see of these liberal rallies the more I feel sorry for them. And the thing is most of these liberals mean well but in a misguided way. As long as they are calling for violence and clean up after themselves let them have at it. It gives us conservatives some comic relief.