Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Are Well On Our Way To Another Even Bigger Recession

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Things sure aren't looking good for the President right now. He has done everything he wanted to our economy and country thanks to the Democratic Party majorities in both houses of congress. We have had for the first time since WWII no jobs created in a month. Everything is pointing to a second recession that will send the middle class and businesses into a major tailspin downward. It is obvious that the Democratic Parties fixes did a lot more harm then good.

As great leaders of this nation the Democratic Party are running around blaming everyone and everything under the sun. This is what all great leaders do, LOL. Instead of admitting nothing he did has worked he will keep blowing smoke up our butts and tell us we are on our way forward and out of this mess. Liberals can never admit they were wrong. They will double down and do even greater harm to our economy. They will spend money we don't have and tax those in this country that are working and creating jobs so they leave or just close shop.

We have seen what spending money we don't have does to our economy. Just look at the S&P downgrade because of our debt. There is also a big chance that we will have another housing bubble burst, as if our house values aren't low enough. You can thank Dodd and Frank for this one too. We are watching trickle down economics at work right now. The problem is broke is what is trickling down, not money. If we go into another recession this will destroy the economy of state and city government with bankruptcy. That will mean NO pensions for those public union government employees. Can you see the riots coming when that one happens.

The country better brace for an economic depression and pray it doesn't happen. We know what happens when Obama tries and create jobs. He ends up making things worse. The hurricane is coming and it's all from Obama's liberal hot air. Batten down the hatches and get ready. Don't listen to the left-wingers that mock rather then debate. They made fun of conservatives when we bought gold at $700 of lower. Gold is now heading to record highs and above. Let them laugh and mock and say it's all Bush's and the Tea Parties fault. Most Americans can see the reality of what liberal policies do to every economy it's been tried in.

I'd like to know where you think this economy is heading towards? So far the Tea Party has called it and is batting 1000. Obama just keep missing.

Obama better have the best speech of his life. As much as he has built this jobs speech up it better have some real content to it. Because Americans are realizing that Obama's words are shallow at best.

From the outset of the debt ceiling debate, the freshmen Tea Party class in Congress made one point clear: without substantial cuts in spending, the U.S. credit rating would be downgraded.

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When Americans demanded that Congress pass the Cut, Cap, Balance Act to rein in the debt, President Obama and Senate Democrats refused to listen.

Even when credit agency Standard and Poor's warned that unless $4 trillion was cut from the budget there would be a downgrade, they wouldn't budge.

With the final debt ceiling deal falling dramatically short of both Tea Party and S&P expectations, the U.S. has officially lost its AAA credit rating, leaving us with only one thing to say to President Obama: "We told you so!"
President Obama just concluded his three-day, three-state campaign bus tour across battleground states where he desperately needs to win re-election. While White House Communication Director Dan Pfeiffer called it a "rural economic bus tour," a more accurate name would be the "One Job Saved or Created Tour."

Our unpopular president, who faces an all-time low approval rating of 39 percent, came off the road show looking particularly desperate to save his own job regardless of the cost to overburdened taxpayers.

Americans everywhere are struggling to make ends meet while the Spender In Chief is burning our hard-earned cash promoting the same failed economic policies.

A Secret Service Spokesman confirms that just two of the Obama campaign buses cost taxpayers $1.1 million each, which means that at least $2.2 million of your money was spent to save or create just one job. As ridiculous as this price tag seems, it is emblematic of the Obama administration's consistent track record of Keynesian fiscal malfeasance.
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