Friday, January 1, 2010

Illegals Welcome To The Union

Forced union dues at work: SEIU has just posted a new video attacking “Teabaggers” and — snort — decrying violence:

You know the truth.
Obama’s SEIU “brothers and sisters” can’t handle the truth.
Isn't it great how the unions want the Democrats to make all the illegal immigrants legal? I'm sure the union members are as happy as sheep in a meadow over giving all the new jobs to those millions of new Americans. I think it is so nice of the unions to offer their services to our illegal immigrants. High wages paid by the consumer. Free health care for the whole family and SSI for all those that need it. What a great gift for becoming and American. Now all they need to do is vote for Democrats, and they will, and the plan will be complete. Spread the wealth my union friends. Is this really the direction you union and non union Americans want to go? Do we want to give our country away to those who have done nothing but illegaly come over here? Bush didn't really do much to seal off our borders and Obama and the Democrats are giving illegals a shout out and a bunch of cash as long as they vote Democrat and you know they will once they are given that great of a gift.
SEIU Stronger Together