Monday, August 30, 2010

Now Even More Americans Will Think Obama's A Muslim

Now it looks like everyone that shops will see this "Obama Is A Muslim!"  It's time President Obama come out and denounce his past with Islam or tell us he is Muslim. I'm sure this Globe magazine will sell out. But just think of all the people that will look at that cover when they are grocery shopping. It's the same kind of tactic the left uses all the time to smear their opposition. It almost seems like their "chickens have come home to roost". I find it hard to be too upset with this when Obama is only reaping what he has sown so often,lies and deciet.

Beck Crowd Leaves Mall Clean; Obama Crowd Not So Much


The left in our nation is always depicted by media sycophants as concerned with the environment. By contrast, these same people always paint a picture of the right being exclusively focused on profits with total disregard for nature and ecology. What do these two videos say about this "conventional wisdom," and will Obama-loving media members in the post-rally coverage of this event point out to readers and viewers just how clean our National Mall was left by these awful, greedy, right-wing extremists? This has been documented at every left wing vs right wing rally. The left are like locus of distruction. If you want to see what liberalism does long term then just look at liberal cities like Detroit. I'd like to hear why the liberals think there is such a drastic difference between the left wing distruction after their rallies? Now we must not forget all the distruction all those left wing riots have done over the years. One group is civilized and the other is just animals.

Sarah Palin Speach At The Restoring Honor Rally