Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chris Wallace With Howard Dean

Fireworks on 'FNS'!
Starts at 3:18   I love it when these Democrats get caught up in their own lies. The amount of misinformation these Democrats keep pushing is amazing. The video or the story never did go on Glenn Beck that day. So what is Dean smoking? The left better start getting their lies straight before they look like bigger buffoons then they already do. You really need to watch the whole video to get the full buffoon effect.

Paul Ryan Totally Schools Matthews on Econ 101

WATCH: Could the left be any dumber?

Chris Matthews on Monday got a much-needed lesson from Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., on how tax hikes impact the budget as well as the economy.

Appropriate? Obama Uses NBC News Anchor to Pitch His Policies


 A surprise video of Barack Obama was presented to the ultra-liberal radical gathering of the Netroots Nation in Las Vegas on Saturday that included MSNBC's Rachel Maddow listing his accomplishments.
What does it say about this administration that it wouldn't find it at all unseemly to use the most left-leaning television network, along with one of its most liberal hosts, to propagandize political conference attendees?
Unconcerned with the picture this painted, Obama told the gathering, "Change hasn't come fast enough for too many Americans...But I hope you take a moment to consider all we've accomplished so far." This is proof that the left is feeling tired. It's time to hit the gas and really make these liberals depressed.

I'm Tired

I just feel like quiting this blog sometimes. I keep trying to do my part and wake up Americans to some of the facts that aren't being told about this admin and it's agenda. We all tried to stop the Stimulus bill and Obamacare without success. They have taken control of Wall Street without batting an eye. And in every 2,000 page plus bill they pass we find all kinds of things not related. If you would have asked me would I like to be an activist two years ago I'd say no. If you asked me if I like being an activist now I'd still say no. I wish I didn't feel the need to stand up for our rights but I do. I can't spell and my grammar sucks thanks to a disease that took that part of my memory away. I have other ailments that make it hard for me to do this. My talents are not writing if you can't tell. Writing is my handicap. But I kept on doing what I felt was right and needed. I didn't care when I first tried posting on left wing blogs how they made fun of me. Heck when I first started this blog i got abused by the left on how stupid I sound. But it's all good because when I've watched some of the NetRoots video and they are afraid of us. They are afraid that we will keep being peaceful in our protests. They are afraid that the blogs will keep shedding light on their left wing organizations like the Tides Group. But it doesn't feel like we are doing much when I see that Obamacare does have population controls built into the bill. I'm the kind of guy that does get along with everyone. And yet it seems like the Tea Party is hated by everyone but the American people. All the news stations but Fox hate us. All the Democrats in Congress hate us and the Republicans fear us like they should. But I find salice when I see that the left wing is more tired then we are. When NetRoots spends all of it's time talking about stopping us and our effect on them and their socialist movements I get re-energized. The left are finding harder and harder to get up in the morning and fight us. God knows I want to give up this fight and blog. I'm not going to let this government get what they want and then send the bill to my kids and grand kids,when I have them. I will not let our government raise our debt while limiting our future generations ability to pay it off. We have done nothing for our future generation other then indebted them for life. That is pure and simple slavery. And I will have nothing to do with that. America is waking up and the left is getting tired. So now is the time to fight harder. Now is the time to organize grassroots protests. Get together with some of your friends and protest. Make it as big as you can but it wont matter if there are 5 or 50 people protesting this governments actions. Take a chance and organize a small walk about with signs. Get together for some fellowship at you place of worship to discuss the effects of these new policies on your faith and what kind of action to take. Ask your pastor or priest if you can have an pro-life anti-obamacare rally in front of your Church. Invite the black faith based community organizations to protest this new genocide of the poor minorities. This is a great stepping stone towards coming together for a common cause. If you have a car show like we do dress your car up to tell them what you think. Make a statement about this admin and their agenda. Both sides are tired but we must keep on keeping on. We must use this time to push harder and make the left give up. Take a walk with a sign and tell the world what you think of the left wing agenda. Why wait for a Tea Party rally? And make up a shirt or buy one that represents your opinion on these leftest fools. And have fun doing it. The left hate it when we have fun pummeling them. I'm tired and I'm sure you are as well. But we must prop each other up, give encouragement and keep on keeping on. Because if we don't do it now then we will lose it all. Let us know what you have done weather it's just you going for a walk for a mile or two with a sign or you got a larger group together. But the time is now. God and Peace be with you.