Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Do You Think About Obama Reinventing Himself As Pro-Busniness?

Is this a good move for Obama? Do you think that the right-wing will believe that he is pro-business now? I don't think this new outlook is meant for the right-wing. And if it's pro-business then we all can agree that he isn't doing it for the left-wings benefit either. Obama has lost the center of the country and this is how he plans on gaining them back. The problem is I don't think the center will just take his word for it anymore. You know "once bitten twice shy". People have heard more then enough from this president. They want to see actions that match his rhetoric. Do you think that Obama could be alienating his far-left base by changing from anti-business to pro-business? How do you think he will use the Republicans and Democrats in Congress to get some pro-business legislation?