Friday, December 3, 2010

What Liberals Think Of Your Children?

                                                                                              "The United States Constitution does not mention the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children." -The American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU)                                                                                 "There's no such thing as other people's children." -Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton                              "Instead of fearing being labeled pedophiles, we must proudly proclaim that sex is good, including children's sexuality...Surrounded by pious moralists with deadening anti sexual rules, we must be shameless rule breakers, demonstrating our allegiance to a higher concept of love. We must do it for the children's sake."-The Guide Magazine                                                                                                                                                          Lets take a close look at what liberals want and think of our children.  For sexual freedom they gave up a child's right to life in the womb. Liberals would rather see dead babies and forced abortions so they can have sexual freedom. They are also nudging parents rights away. The liberal organization ACLU said it as plan as can be. Hillary doesn't put much value in a parents individual right to raise their children. But she see the collective rights of society to raise and educate them. The government is trying to take over the job of the parents in feeding their children in almost half of all public school students. And before you crybaby libs start with your "he hates children" BS. The feeding of the poor children started out much much much smaller. Now it's way past feeding the poor. I'm not saying all liberals are this way,for you weak in the knee readers. I'm just saying most liberal are this way. If you can think of any other ways liberals are harming children, like quick divorce were children get screwed so the parents can have sexual freedom, tell us what they are. It's time we look at the effects of liberalism on the crying kid by Chrysiscute Think about the massive tax hike and generational theft they are doing. And can anyone out there tell me why the children always lose out when liberals are involved? Is it narcissism or just a lack of care for the smallest of us?

The Left Love Him and The Right Laugh At Him: Alan Grayson's Last Stand

How does an angry, defeated congressman spend his last days on Capitol Hill? By attacking prominent conservative media figures, of course.
The video:
There’s just one problem: no one stands to “make” any money from extending Bush tax cuts. Extending tax cuts is simply not taking away money that’s already been made. It’s not a gain or an income. That‘s like a robber deciding not to rob a bank and then accusing the bank of taking in extra income because he didn’t rob it. Sorry, Al, it doesn’t work that way and that kind of thinking and buffoonery is what got you fired. But I'm sure Soros or the all white cast of MSNBC have a place for ya. One more thing Al, keep that dumb smirk on your face. I love it when he has that look on his face like he's smarter then the rest. Too bad he only got one person to applaud for that comedy sketch. Maybe Nickelodeons will hire him as the next Bozo the clown.