Friday, May 28, 2010

Atheists Fight to Change Textbook Standards

Does anyone know where separation of Church and state is in our founding documents? Is it on our money,in our pledge and in the Bill of Rights? The separation of Church and state is made up by the left wing atheist. They want us to live in a godless world like they do. 6% doesn't get to dictate in a "democracy". And the separation of Church and state is so the government stays out of the Churches and telling them what they should and shouldn't preach. Religion has played a large role in our countries founding and the left wing can't keep white washing history.  Did you know that our first schools had a Bible to study from? And now the atheist want rule over what makes it into the schools on the fallacy of "separation of church and state". Our founding fathers didn't want separation of Church and state ,they wanted separation from big government progressive and we the people. Our founding fathers did everything they could to keep big government progressives out of our government. We need to get back to basics and put God back into state and kick the progressives out. That is the separation we need.

MyFoxAustin reports: The Texas Board of Education is set to make its final vote on textbook standards this week.

But not before another group is protesting those controversial proposed changes. Last week, The Coalition of Clergy made its voice heard.

At the other end of the spectrum, today the American Atheists are also taking issue with a rally at the state capitol.

Obama Completely Dodges Sestak Question


Moments ago at a press conference on the BP oil spill, President Obama was asked by Major Garrett of Fox News to address Joe Sestak's allegation that the White House offered him a high-ranking federal job in exchange for dropping out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary. Obama said an "official response" is coming "shortly" that he hopes will answer unresolved questions. And by shortly, "I don't mean weeks or months," he said.
Why does the President need more time? Why didn't he just answer the question if they did nothing wrong? It all looks suspicious when they play games like this.