Thursday, August 5, 2010

Missouri Voters Overwhelmingly Reject The Democratic Parties Health Care Law

On Tuesday, Missouri voters went to the polls. Among other things, the voters decided on Proposition C, a statute exempting Missouri from the individual mandate from Obamacare. By an overwhelming percentage, voters rejected Obamacare and passed Prop C (71.1 to 28.9). This ardent rejection of the individual mandate puts Missouri voters on par with then-Candidate Obama who, during the 2008 primary, attacked Sen Hillary Clinton’s health care plan because it contained an individual mandate.
For those of you who don’t remember, here’s video of President Obama sounding much like his opposition just a few short months later.

Gee whiz, if only President Obama would have listened to Candidate Obama he wouldn’t have had to face this type of a rebuke from Missouri voters. Great job Missouri voters. This action by the Missouri voters has spoken volumes to the Democratic Party. That is why we need to ask the Democratic Party why wont they run on ALL their accomplishments instead of using fear tactics and attacking the Republican candidates? We all know the answer and the Republican Party needs to bring it home every time. And we need to tie the Democratic candidates to Obama and his ideologies just like they will try and tie Republicans to Bush. But if either the Republicans or the Democrats run only attack ads they will lose. We the people are getting sick of "politics as usual". We conservatives need to get vocal about the issues. We need to tell people the truth about the Progressives in both parties. And we need to show the old school Democrats that they no longer have a party. The Democratic Party as we all knew it is dead. The Progressives have taken it over.