Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Boycott Connecticut' How Dumb Is That? The Left Are Buffons Thats For Sure

Certainly there is some humor in the idea of a Michael Moore-led boycott of an entire state as being anything the state would notice, but it gets even funnier when you realize how ignorant the outrage industry on the left really can be. For example, take at look at this excerpt from document (embedded below the fold) titled “Recall of Legislators and the Removal of Members of Congress from Office,” which I originally found, delightfully, at Lieberman.Senate.Gov:
As to removal by recall, the United States Constitution does not provide for nor authorize the recall of United States officers such as Senators, Representatives, or the President or Vice President, and thus no Member of Congress has ever been recalled in the history of the United States.
Oh, but it gets better still. Read on …

Look again at the screen cap. Twitter’s new retweet feature shows at least 60 retweets at the time of the capture. There are many, many more using the old manual system too. Incurious repetition of a demagogue by lefties? How … commonplace.
What’s even better is Moore has an article at his own website, a repost of a Politico article, featuring a Connecticut state legislator calling for Lieberman’s ouster. The article, on Moore’s own website, points out that recall is not possible under the constitution.
Is there anyone on this planet quicker to claim the constitution is being violated at every turn than Michael Moore and his groupies? So yes, to state the obvious, it’s hilarious that he’s so quick to dismiss as conveniences him.
We all know Moore is a clown, so this isn’t breaking news. But I never pass on the chance to point out the stupidity of inexplicably influential jackasses. See the full document on recalling Senators below:
RL30016   Bruce dust off the paper mache head. Your master is telling you to do stupid thing for the Democrats again.

These Guys Are Out Of Touch With Americans

[Poll: Americans Souring on Democrats] Associated Press
President Obama makes a statement on health care after meeting with Senators on Tuesday. From left: Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sen. Christopher Dodd; Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus; the president; and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
“President Obama told ABC News’ Charles Gibson in an interview that if Congress does not pass health care legislation that will bring down costs, the federal government “will go bankrupt.”
I see, we need to spend $2.5 trillion on a government take-over of health care — or the U.S. will go bankrupt?
Uh, huh. It is like the skit from Saturday Night Live — the trillion dollar man says he is worried about debt, but all he does is spend money.
The $2.5 trillion price tag on ObamaCare may be why an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released today found:
“Democrats’ problems seem in part linked to their ambitious health-care plan, billed as the signature achievement of Mr. Obama’s first year. Now, for the first time, more people said they would prefer Congress did nothing on health care than who wanted to see the overhaul enacted.”
The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll results may also explain this instant classic from Michael Barone:
“it’s interesting that when Massachusetts Democrat Michael Capuano, fresh from a second-place finish in the primary for Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat, was asked to tell the Democratic caucus what he had learned on the campaign trail, he replied in two words: “You’re screwed.”

What Do Americans Believe?

 birth of jesus
With all the hype the left do about taking God out of everything including Christ Mass you would think that there is a lot of anti God people that live in this country. Well here is what Americans believe. 92% of Americans believe in God. 83% believe schools should celebrate religious holidays. 66% say they will celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ. While only 6%  of Americans do not celebrate Christmas at all. Why is it that only a fringe 6% dictate what we the other 92% that have at our schools, federal buildings,malls and what not? It is because we the people haven't been speaking up on behalf of our beliefs and letting the beliefs of the fringe 6% dictate our culture  because of their protests and threats. I think it is fine and dandy if you don't believe in God as that is not the point. The point is why do we the people have to live the way the left want instead of the way the people believe. And shame on all the officials for caving into the minority because they don't want to hear their outcryes. We God fearing people need to reconnect our govt with people. And this administration is the most disconnected admin. we have ever had. Remind people that Jesus is the reason for the season.