Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Free Market Is Under Attack

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The free market that made us the richest country the world has ever known is under attack by Congress and the Obama admin. Why does this admin. lie about our place in the world? Why do they lie about the free market and it's role in making us so wealthy as a country? Why do the Democrats tell us we are a bad country? Why do we as Americans allow this to happen to our great nation without so much as a word from the masses? It is time to get angry at these people. We have a rightious anger. Just ask yourself what would this world have been like if it didn't have an America in it. 20% of this great nation is liberal. The other 80% are moderate to conservative in idealogy. Who do you think should control the path of our great nation America? Now get up and do something about it. Tell your friends to watch Fox News or to go on the many blogs to get informed.  You are the soldiers that are left behind to fight the war on this country from the inside out. Stand up to the liberal minority and tell them you wont be silent anymore. God's speed and do it with the love in your heart He gave you.