Saturday, May 8, 2010

We Are Bailing Out Greece. Our Share Is $7Billion

NY Post: US taxpayers will be helping to foot the bill for the Greek bailout, via the International Monetary Fund. And if the Obama administration doesn’t draw a clear line, Uncle Sam may soon be on the line for even more and larger European “rescues.”
The Greek government, with its high taxes and profligate spending to support large bureaucracies and social programs, is bankrupt. Its bonds have been downgraded to junk status. …
Concerned that the fiscal damage could spread throughout the EU and the world, other European Union members and the IMF have pledged $145 billion to bail out Greece. And since the United States is the largest contributor to the IMF budget, our government will be funneling billions of American tax dollars to Greece.
No one wants to see Greece fail — the economic stability of Europe is important. But US taxpayers have funded bailout after bailout, and our country faces a debt crisis of its own.
Our unemployment rate stands at nearly 10 percent. The public debt now stands at $9.2 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that America’s debt held by the public will reach 90 percent of gross domestic product within 10 years under President Obama’s budget. Without dramatic spending restraints, America is on a path like the one that led to Greece’s financial catastrophe.                                                                           Is this really the best way for us to spend our money? Is that the job of the federal government? Let the EU bail themselves out. They wont learn their "Progressive" lesson if we bail them out. I'm getting sick and tire of our money going to everyone but we the people that own that money. I know the Democrats have a hard time grasping this but I'll give it a try. Where do you think all this money is coming from? Is it worth all the stupid things they have spent our futures money on? We need to stop bailing out every progressive program,state,country and company they can find. Let them fail. And if they are too big to fail then we better start making them smaller to insure they never get that big again. But that would be using common sense and they don't have that. And when will enough be enough? When Spain comes knocking on our door for the handouts? France? We are watching what happens when you follow the liberal Progressive movement. And Obama nor the Democrats can let that happen in Europe because he is doing the same dumb things as Greece did. Expect to look like Greece soon enough if we keep on this path. California will be the first in the American union to go the way of Greece. Heck Chicago is turning into a war zone thanks to liberal policies. As long as we are helping Greece while Americans still don't have health care the Democrats should be happy. This admin and Congress better start getting their priorities straight and start putting Americans first. We have people without work or income in this country. Tennessee is in a state of emergency and our Gulf coast is covered in oil that could have been prevented had they done something instead of sitting idol and talking tough about holding down BP,the ones doing the job that is beneath Obama's pay grade. But as long as those union workers and Socialist get bailed out I'm sure most Americans wont have a problem with that. Is this what you want the Democrat to do with your tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

Barack Obama's Broken Promises

So many broken promises in such a short time. But at least the wars are over,GITMO is closed,the world loves us hahahahahaha. Crap I tried to do it without laughing but I couldn't. It's funny when he lies to the left but not so much to the rest of us.  People are loosing hope. The Democratic party promised a lot of thing we knew they couldn't or wouldn't. Like a lot of Americans that voted for change they didn't get what they ordered. Like the TV comercials that give a hard sell and promise the world we got junk instead. He sold himself as the man that could do it all,even though he was just a community agitator and never held a real job with the private sector. He promised things would get better not worse. He said if we gave him a trillion $'s we would be saved and unemployment would go not go past 8% and if we did nothing it would go over 9%. At 9.9% and owing over a trillion $'s we got less then nothing. Thank God one party didn't fall for the Democratic Parties BS. They said that the Stimulus bill would do nothing. The Republicans were right and the Democrat made a big mistake with OUR MONEY. I'm sure Obama like a lot of armchair Democrats thought they could do much better. Too bad we gave the green pea the most powerful job on earth. Tennessee in under water and the Obama admin is just sitting back quizzing themselves instead of organizing. The same thing is happening with the oil disaster in the Gulf. They are doing nothing but putting their boots on the throat of BP the only ones doing anything to fix this problem. Not to smart if you ask me. I'd help them not threaten them. But that is the Democrats way. At least the rest of the world is offering help. Too bad we aren't taking it. To this admin it's all in the hands of the local government in the flood zone and up to BP in our Gulf of Mexico. But how can we expect them to do anything when they don't stop their Christmas vacations for the Christmas bomber. But he is a "good talker" and so articulate and that is what is important to the Democrats. And they have a weapon that they will use as often as they need to. If anyone disagrees with Obama just call them a racist. They don't care if they wear out a word that has meaning like "rape" or "help". They have called everyone and their mother a racist. Too bad it's always the white liberal Democrats doing the "racist" throwing. The next time a Democrat opens their mouth on how great Obama and the Democrats in Congress are just ask them when was Obama supposed to exit Iraq,close Gitmo and lower the national debt? Their heads will spin and then they spew stupid things about Bush this and that. But just ask them again about the wars,debt and Gitmo. And then ask them what they think about the bombings in Pakistan that have killed many people since he took office. Ask them how many soldiers have died since he took over. Ask them where is Obama on the floods in Tennessee and the oil spill? Where is the governments help? Where are the JOBS. And then ask them if they think things are better now or worse.

Former FEMA Director On This FUBAR BP Oil Disaster