Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It Turns Out The Stimulus Bill Was A Bigger Failure Then Originaly Thought

The sheeple on the left lined up to tout the greatness of the massive spending Stimulus Bill. They said that it would save and create millions of jobs. The right-wing said it would lose private sector jobs and bail out the unions.

It turns out that the Obama/Democratic Party Stimulus Bill that cost the tax payers trillions of dollars is one of the costliest mistakes in our history. To be fair the Stimulus Bill did create 450,000 government jobs. But to be totally fair the Stimulus Bill lose 1,000,000 private sector jobs.

This is a sad story all on it's own, but it gets even worse. Those same public sector unions that were bailed out by the American tax payers and the private sector aren't even grateful. They want to raise taxes on the American tax payers and the private sector so they can keep what they have. We are not the servents of the public sector.

Unions and the Democratic Party have put us in the poor house with their big spending agendas. They are willing to break the job creating private sector in order to not take any cuts. We are broke. And thanks to the Democratic Party and their left-wing agenda we are even more broke now then when we started. It's time people wake up and ask what they got from the massive debt the Democratic Party and Obama have enslaved us with.