Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Should Marijuana Be Legalized Or Not?


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An Open Debate About Immigration Reform And The Left Wing Riots

I think it would be good to take a good look at all aspects of immigration reform. This is where we left off on an old post.  Things are getting out of control in our country and we need to take an open minded look at these issues.     Chris said...

Joe said,"First and foremost i do not see a way to distinguish legal and illegal immigrants from citizens and permanent residents and the other way around." You ask for their ID like they do now. And if they don't have any proof of citizenship then they can deport them. Get it? If the fed did their job Arizona wouldn't have to protect their citizens. Did yopu know that Phenix is the kidnap capitol of the nation? Phenix is the #2 in the world. How would you like to live like that? I'll do an open debate about this on a new post.