Saturday, January 29, 2011

When Will We Start Our Demestic Oil Production?

As we are watching the Middle East become more volatile and oil prices rise it makes me wonder what we are doing about the oil and gas we need now. We have the cheapest and cleanest crude in the world and we aren't touching it. Why? We will have the need for oil for a long time, even by the hopeful government standards. Our offshore oil rigs need to start producing oil ASAP. And the government needs to start letting our inland oil rigs drilling for known oil reserves now. It's time to take another look at ANWAR as well, even if we decide not to drill there it will help lower oil futures. I know that the left is dead set on "clean energy". That's all fine and dandy but pipe dreams aren't going to fill our tanks for the next 20 or so years. We know we will need gas and oil for at least 20 years. Who knows what kind of "clean energy" will end up being the winner in the end when technology catches up with them all. I know I'm getting sick and tired of OPEC holding up by our economic balls. Canada seems to know what to do. They drill for oil everywhere and then send Michigan their trash. I'd rather drill in Michigan and fill their land with our trash. But that's just common sense. I'd also like to see Michigan and the rest of the country use our natural gas. We have more then enough under the Mid West to take care of our electric needs. Energy is our future and we keep talking about making some far off pipe dream a reality because it makes a few people happy inside. It time to take care of our economy first. When the economy comes back then we can talk about subsidising "clean energy". It's also high time that we cut subsidise for oil. Giving them enough work to cover our growing need for energy is subsidy enough. In fact we could tax them to make the left happy and to help cover our debts. Obama could also start pumping some of our oil reserves into the market. Buy cheep and sell high.  Now I know the fringe will get cranked up on "drill baby drill", but they will have money to eat and a safe country to call home, so they can protest in peace for all I care.