Monday, April 18, 2011

Democrats Becoming More And More Mentaly Ill

This far-left nut turned out yesterday to see Sarah Palin speak at the Madison, Wisconsin, Tea Party.
Video Screengrab
This is how the organized left spent their quality time this weekend. These are the quality people who were inspired by the call to action from Pres. Obama's Organizing for America and Mr. Trumka's AFL-CIO. Is this the future of the Democratic Party? The things this man says to a 14 year old girl is just sickening. But it is the Democratic Party way. Why hasn't Obama or the Democratic Party leaders said anything to these Democrats? Why does the Democratic Party keep codaling these crazies within their Party?  
Click here to watch the video. *Warning: graphic language*

A group of pro-illegal immigration/open borders protesters and anarchists attempt to take away the freedom of speech of Tea Party members by drowning them out with bullhorns. One Hispanic woman painted her face white to mock white people, while others waved the Mexican flag. Video taken at the Arizona capitol on 4/15/2011.