Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saudi Arabia's `Day of Rage' Lures Record Bets on $200 Oil:

                         Chart of Day

Options traders are betting more than ever that crude oil is heading to $200 a barrel as some websites call for a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia and anti- government protests spread in the Middle East and North Africa.
The CHART OF THE DAY shows open interest, or the number of outstanding contracts, for “call” options to buy New York crude for June delivery at $200 a barrel. The number has escalated, along with crude futures, to the highest since the options started trading in July 2009 amid worsening civil unrest in Libya and rare demonstrations in Saudi Arabia.
“If you look at the volatility and increase in money for call options in the last month or so, it does suggest that market participants are now more worried about the upside,” said Yingxi Yu, a Singapore-based commodity analyst with Barclays Plc. “People are also quite concerned about protests spreading across different parts of the region.”
Tomorrow is the scheduled Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia. Some protesters came out a day early and were dealt with by gun fire from the Saudi Arabian police. This protest will happen tomorrow. The question is, will those protesters overthrow the Saudi government?
If Saudi Arabia falls to the protesters it will put us into a depression. Our economy as well as everyone economy is governed by oil. Thanks to our President we still can't drill here. When you are paying $6 or $7 a gallon for gas make sure you thank our president and the Democratic Party. Thank them for not drilling in ANWAR,the Gulf of Mexico and off shore. Thank them for their foreign policies. And don't forget to thank them for the riots in this country.
It's time to prepare if you haven't already done so. If anyone wants to know what I'm doing to prepare just ask. I'll gladly tell you.
If anyone can tell me what the Democratic Party and Obama has made better please let me know. I'd love to hear how they have made our lives better.

Barack Obama Appeals for Empathy at Tucson, Arizona, Gabby Giffords Shooting Memorial

Why have the left-wing become that which they say they hate? Obama was speaking to the left when he said to stop the violent rhetoric.
Is this the civility the president was calling for?
These people are out of control. I can't believe what these liberals and unions are willing to do regardless of the law. Thanks to the Democrats that fanned the flames of discontent. If there is anyone hurt or anything damage it on their hands.

The Democrats have proven themselves to be self serving rather then serving the people. We should be looking at the Day Of Rage in Saudi Arabia and gas going through the roof. But instead these Democrats want to have a day of rage here in this country.

Union Thugs Caught Harassing Conservative Kids at Rally

These union thugs even harass kids now. They sure seem to hate people with cameras. I wonder what these union slugs are trying to hide?

I'm sure the left-wing will think of excuses why it is OK for these union thugs to take those kids personal property. The unions do think our stuff is theirs for the taking. The left-wing hero Michael 'I'm a Broke Mooch' Moore wants to handcuff the 'rich' and take their money. Can't these people see that that is stealing? I'm telling you these liberals and union leaders are as morally corrupt as they get.

When the unions and the left-wing realize that they have lost, that is when things will get even uglier.

Angry Mob Of Protesters Storm Wisconsin Capitol Building

These are the same people that did all that damage to the capitol building in Wisconsin. Maybe it's time to start treating these people like animals since that is the way they act? Rub their noses in it when they crap on the floor next to a toilet.

Just look at the sheeple hurding like a brainless hurd of sheep.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Demonstrators crowded the Capitol in a wild scene after senators passed a budget-repair bill in a hastily called meeting Wednesday night that outraged protesters and Democratic legislators. …
Protesters demanded to be let inside, and in one scene at the southeastern entrance of the Capitol, scores of protesters pressed against the door as two-dozen police pushed them back.
One protester got partly inside the door and was dragged in by the State Patrol.
Outside, protesters chanted “Let us in,” banged drums and blew horns in protest and threw snowballs at windows of the Capitol.
Inside, they yelled “You lied to Wisconsin,“ and ”Kill the Bill.”

Wisconsin GOP Senator Describes Fleeing ‘Angry Mob’ at Capitol

Wednesday evening that Republican lawmakers had been instructed to leave the state capital because “it was not safe.”
“We left the capitol about 15 minutes after the vote under police protection because there was an angry mob,” Grothman said. “We were told to get out of Madison as quickly as possible.”
In the meantime, members of the State Assembly plan to convene at the capitol Thursday to “finish the job,” Grothman added. According to Grothman, the GOP chose to act Wednesday after being “led on” by Democrats that there would be an eventual compromise. “If no one is going to do it, then we had to go on without them,” he said.

Did the Democrats think that government would just stop without them? Guess what? In Novemeber Americans voted to kick Democrat out in mass. It looks like the Democrats are still against the people.