Sunday, October 24, 2010

What The Businesses Need To Do To The Democratic Party In Retaliation

I think it might be time for business to flex it's muscle in retaliation to recent attacks from the Democratic Party. This Nov. 2nd is under the control of businesses and they might want to take a moment to remove the Democratic Party from power. If businesses gave overtime work to their union employees they will effect the votes. If lets say car dealers which have gotten screwed by the Democratic Party gave their employees a couple hours off to vote it would effect the vote. And maybe the Big Three need to think about putting up signs to business friendly candidates. The UAW gets that day off to insure that Democratic Party vote. Maybe Wallmart and other retailers need to have big sales on that day. But the sales would only be in the mostly Democratic Party districts. "All is fair",right? Don't our businesses have the right to defend themselves from a hostile political party? Or is everyone to cower to the public unions and the Democratic Party? I'd like to see the local businesses flex their muscle and influence politics the same way the left wing Democratic Party have. Conservatives need to get out to their local businesses and remind them of their influence.  On another note, please call a conservative candidate in your area and ask to watch the polls. We need you there to insure that no fishy business goes on that day. A lot can be done this week so do all you can. I wont be doing much on the blog this week. Let us all know what you hear. Think of this as an open thread: