Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Is Writen By A TEA Party Friend Of Mine

Tonight I did a little opposition research along with three other people from our group. We caught wind of a town hall meeting at a union hall with Sander Levin and decided we would try to get in if we could. We were successful. It was a large event with reportedly over 300 people. The organizers stated the number was 322. It seemed that most of the people in attendance were the party faithful rather than rank and file union members and there were many left wing organizers in attendance from the various sponsoring groups.

They all seemed to know each other and as conservative non union members we did our best to attract as little attention as possible. There were photographers taking pictures of the audience and there were people roving around the perimeter of the room that I thought were probably part of a security detail.
There were a number of speakers from the different organizations, the main ones being health care, amnesty, cap and trade and the war. The main focus of the event was to fire people up to push for health reform now. This was an impatient bunch. They are pretty unhappy that
Obama has not passed any of the promised initiatives. There were computers and phone banks in the room so people could contact legislators in real time. The left wing organizations are really turning the heat up. Organizing for America is pledging 5 million hours from volunteers.

Sander Levin came in and had a few remarks. One of these impatient supporters was trying to engage him in a dialogue but Levin's handlers soon came in and swooped him away for another meeting. There was palpable distress in this crowd that the Obama administration was not using its majority status to shove everything through. This was a cameo appearance at best although Levin did not seem to want to leave when they pulled him away.

Then John Conyers appeared, greeted by a bigger welcome than Levin got. I thought he was less than coherent with some routine with a bag of potatoes "small potatoes". I was more interested in what he had to say about health care legislation and he said he would hold his nose and pass it knowing that it could be fixed. Just get something on the books and it can be remodeled later. He said he supports single payor legislation.

After Conyers left several audience members approached the microphone and made brief remarks in support of their left wing causes. One man in particular was concerned about the foreclosure crisis and wanted a moratorium so that we could go back to Roosevelt solutions to our
current economic woes. He was quite passionate and really most of them were. It just seemed like an alternate universe to me, a place where up is down and down is up. I could see very little common ground. We did not speak up and ask a question or make a comment, because it
would not have been a sensible thing to do in that particular venue. We did not detect any like minded people in the audience and knowing of some SEIU attacks in places like St Louis we were not interested in tempting fate while under cover in the enemy camp.

There were hostile remarks about "tea baggers, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. It is easy to see who threatens them. They all seem to be operating at a very emotional level and there were lots of sound
bites, on stage and off. I heard many talking about all the people who are dying because the health bill has not passed. They still believe in global warming and that Michigan will be saved by "green jobs" like wind turbines (that failed technology the Europeans pawned off on us). Compared to the typical "tea party" I have attended this was a very negative, angry crowd. They seem like very unhappy people and very upset that all the wonders of Hope and Change have not been delivered.

There were shout outs from the audience calling for the bill to be passed by Reconciliation, but Conyers deflected that. He probably does not want to be quoted and said as much as he said there were probably reporters in attendance. This left wing base is certainly for it and there were several calls from the audience demanding it.

All in all, while it was very interesting I couldn't wait to get home and take a shower. You know that great invigorated feeling you get at one of our rallies? Well, this was just the opposite. I had a hard time backing out of my parking space as I was hemmed in by an illegally parked car covered in Obama stickers and one on the door that said "If you want religion in government move to Iran"  I also found it interesting that the same crowd that is so worried about people dying in war and people dying while they wait for health reform can be such champions of Planned Parenthood and their abortion agenda. As I find so often in dealing with liberals, things simply do not hold together in a cohesive argument.

Writen by MAV                                                                                                                              Thanks to conservatives like this we have some great info on the mindset of these radical progressives. This took real guts to pull off and they have it. Like I have said many times in the past. We surround them. Thank you very much MAV you are a real patroit. I can't wait to see what else you and your friends are doing. I know as long as you are there there will be fun had. Keep up the great work and keep in touch.

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