Friday, July 9, 2010

Justice Is No Longer Blind. What Do You Think About This?


Just one month after three members of the New Black Panther Party were cleared of any wrongdoing in a 2008 voter intimidation case, the organization’s chairman announced that the New Black Panthers aren’t done harassing people for no apparent reason.

In a videotaped interview with Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz said, “[Beck] can bring his Tea Party, and we’ll bring our party, and we’ll see Glenn Beck.”

Shabazz is referring to a rally that Beck will lead on August 28 at the Lincoln Memorial—the same day and place of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I have a dream” speech.

“Glenn Beck should not be allowed to have this rally,” Shabazz told Christopher. “Glenn Beck is a sneaky little devil, and he does sneaky things, and tries to portray that he’s really not the neo-racist that he really is. And for him to go and to secure the Lincoln Memorial on Dr. King’s birthday will meet not only opposition from civil rights leaders, but it’s going to meet direct opposition from the New Black Panther Party.”

In other words: Standing on the shoulders of giants is a privilege, not a right; the keepers of said privilege are separatist thugs, not visionaries.

Obama bypasses Senate for new Medicare chief


Donald Berwick  President Barack Obama bypassed the Senate Wednesday and appointed Dr. Donald Berwick, a Harvard professor and patient care specialist, to run Medicare and Medicaid. Take a close look at why Obama bypassed the Senate on this guy's appointment. It was a smart move by Obama if you ask me. This guy would never have made it past the Senate or the American people in the hearings. He is just another radical from the left and that is why they bypassed the Senate. Why do we even need a Congress with this admin?
Well Grandma here is the person that will tell you that you can't get the care you need. We told you that this was all about redistributing wealth and now the man in charge is saying the same thing. It looks like the left was full of crap when they said we were crazy about obamacare being about wealth redistribution. Just remember what party did all this to you and your loved ones. Just remember what party took what you earned. And never forget that it was the Democratic Party that made this country a second rate nation. And when the left start their riots because they want more,like they always do, fight back. If you have a job then you are too rich to vote for a Democrat and they know it. Wake up you neighbor's and let them know they are too wealth to vote for a Democrat. The Democrats in power think you owe more then you give. They will take away your personal freedoms for the collective. And this radical Berwick is just another piece of the puzzle in the redistribution of wealth for the "collective good". All you baby boomers are going to get what you voted for,"change". Now when you are coming to the age when you will need health care we once had you wont have it. And if you think the Democrats give a shit that 69% of Americans want obamacare repealed then you are still stoned from the 1960's. And all you young people that voted for these socialist cry over your dead parents body because they didn't get the care they needed,blame yourself instead of the Fed. You are the ones that voted them in.

I'm Back From Vacation

This year my family and I went to Michigan Adventures and Silver Lake sand dunes. I had a great time. Here I thought I would be giving up a great vacation by keeping our money in Michigan. I couldn't be more wrong. The dunes are out of this world. I have been all around this country and world and I had more fun on the dunes then you can imagine. Michigan is one of the greatest states in the nation. Our natural beauty is like nowhere else. Before you leave this earth take a ride on the sand dunes on the west side of the state. You will love the 500 acer dune buggy rides.